By Drew DuAmarell

What people who save animals do

They protect and restore animal habitats by stopping pollution and protecting specific areas. They help make laws that say you can not kill this animal, you can not build anything on this plot of land, and if you see this plant try not to damage it. This helps a lot in the process of saving animals around the world.These people are most likely vegetarian but not all of them sometimes when people want to build a building on an empty plot of land but there is an endangered animals habitat they stand there ground and make sure that no one builds there and then the court makes it illegal to build there.How people who save animals persevere These people risk every thing just to save one habitat they go on strike they do all sorts of stuff they take the risk of being injured by the animals they are saving.People think that wasting time to save animals is bad but most animals have a purpose in this world for instance the bonobo this animal is our closest living relative although we know very little about the bonobo.
Adopt a wild animal

This website lets you adopt a wild animal for a price of 20$ to $250+ this does not mean you get to physically own the animal but the money you use to adopt it will go to helping endangered animals around the world.

Catching Kayla

Kayla Montgomery is a runner but what makes her special is that she M.S. that stands for multiple sclerosis which is when