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The Story Of The Dallas Mavericks

Since there very first tipoff the Mavericks have enjoyed loyal fan base in Texas.They are always ready to play.They need to be good at jumping high so the other team doesn't make a basket.They have alot of seasons in basketball.Its good for the Dallas Mavericks to have a nasty side because they need to intimidate there opponent. One of the tallest people on the team is 7-foot-6.They always need to be nice to there team mates.They are always nice to there team mates because they play better that way.They always give one hundred percent every game they play and that's all we could ask for.

The History Of Basketball

Back then basketball was played with a soccer ball.It was played for 30 minutes a game.People would go see basketball for $2 a game.There was 13 rules of basketball.The basketball hoops were made out of peach baskets.Contracts were important because people would switch teams.In 1920 basketball was a second tier sport. The highest streak was 111 from 1908 to 1911.The first basketball game was played as early as 500 years ago.The only way you could play is if you could get a ball.When you played you would get $15 or $16 a game.There was 18 players a game.That means there was 9 players a team.It was a good sport back then.
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