Moderican Poltical Party

Kristy Sturgess


"Moderation is key"

What We Represent

The Moderican Party represents that moderation between Democratic and Republic Parties is key. This party provides the plans for issues that will satisfy many people. By supporting and voting Moderic, you will help change this country for the better.


Our views on security and defense is that all of the money going to our military that isn't being used and is unnecessary should be used to provide jobs for people in our country. It will help boost our economy and get us out of debt.


The boarders around the United States should be tightened and more secure. Our government would not grant citizenship to illegal immigrants present in this country since it gives off the idea that illegally being here is okay. Applying for a Green Card and obtaining it will allow immigrants to enter our country.

Tax Reform

The people should decide tax cuts and the pocketbook of the government. No matter what a person's income is, everyone will owe the same percentage of their salary to taxes. The Death Tax will also be repealed.


The separation between church and state should be definite. The government can not support or fund any church because it would give off the image that they support and believe in one type of religion. Issues such as abortion would be up to the mother since abortion is only frowned upon in a few religions.


Jobs should be kept here inside the United States. Outsourcing and sending jobs overseas decreases the amount of jobs within the country. By keeping businesses working here, our economy will go up and provide more jobs for American citizens.


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