Lipstick Laws

Amy Holder

My Selection

I chose this book because the cover drew me to it and made me want to read it. Also, it was placed under the "Realistic Fiction" category, and I like most books in that category. Looking at the cover, I think red lipstick will be a major part in the plot line. Based on the information on the inner cover and back of the book, this book is about a girl named April Bowers, a sophomore at Penford High School. She doesn't have any friends and most people don't even know she exists. But, one lunch with the most popular girl at school, Britney Taylor, can change her life forever.

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The Beginning

The main characters are April Bowers, Britney Taylor, Matt Brentwood, Erin, Brianna, and Jessica. So far, the book is about a girl named April Bowers, whose best friend moved away. She doesn't have any friends, but she's always wanted to be popular. So, one day, when Britney Taylor, the most popular girl in school, invites April to eat lunch with her and her friends, April realizes that this could be her chance of a lifetime. Within a few weeks, April has become friends with Britney, Erin, Jessica , and Brianna. But to confirm their friendship, April has to sign the "Lipstick Laws" oath. This oath consists of the following seven laws: always check the mirror every hour, never sacrifice style for comfort, never gain more than three pounds in a year, never socialize with any geeks, all secrets must be shared with the group, all ex-boyfriends and currents crushes of anybody in the group are off limits, and every individual decision must be made for the benefit of the group. Since April wants to be popular, she signs the oath. I like that this book is a lot like the movie "Mean Girls" because I really like that movie. But, I dislike that the plot is a little bit predictable and sterotypical. This book is what I thought it would be because the summary told most of the main points of the plot.

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This plot line of this book reminds me of the movie "Mean Girls."

The Middle

The main conflict of this book is April Bowers is kicked out of the “Lipstick Laws Group” because everybody thinks she called the cops on a party that everybody was at. This causes a lot of turmoil between April and Britney. So, to get revenge on Britney and her friends, April creates her own group with other girls that were kicked out of Britney’s group; they call themselves the “Lipstick Law Breakers.” Personally, I cannot relate to the plot or the characters in real life because I don’t have any of the same problems that they have. I am enjoying this book very much because even though it’s fiction, it could happen in real life. Also, even though most of the events are predictable, there are a few surprising twists and turns. I predict that the “Lipstick Law Breakers” will get revenge on Britney and her group.

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Amy Holder, the author of this book.

The End

The ending was very exciting and I couldn’t stop reading. The ending was what I expected because the “Lipstick Law Breakers” got their revenge on Britney and April finally got her dream guy. I would recommend this book to teenage girls and people who like the movie “Mean Girls.” For people who are interested in this book, I would recommend Popular, The Sweetest Thing, Flawless, and The Summer of First and Lasts because the stories and the concepts are very similar.