This Week in Room 120

Week of September 9, 2013


This flyer will be sent to you on a weekly basis. The goal is to keep you updated on what we will be working on throughout the week. I will include information about school happenings also. I hope that you find it helpful!

The 5th Grade has a website where the students will be blogging daily about school from their perspective:

Keep an eye out for your child's thoughts!

Reader's Workshop

Reader's Workshop is the time of day where students learn new reading strategies, practice them with the teacher's help, and then practice them independently within their independent reading books.

This week we will be discussing

  • How readers think about their interests when selecting a book
  • How readers use additional strategies to choose books (book covers, genre characteristics, illustration, favorite author, etc.)
  • How important it is to make book choices that match your reading level. We will categorize books into three categories: Easy, Just Right, Challenging. The goal is to keep the students reading books that aren't too easy or aren't too challenging. Please ask your child where the book he/she is reading falls and why he/she thinks so.
  • How readers must think while they are reading.

Writer's Workshop

Writer's Workshop is the part of the day when the students learn new writing strategies, practice them with the teacher, and then apply them independently in their own writing.

This week we will be studying poetry with the goal of writing about how each poem relates to ourselves.

Word Study

Word Study is the study of words and how they relate to other words. It is a time to learn new principles about words and to study word parts. Each week will bring a new spelling principle to learn. The students will be given a list of possible words to study throughout the week. Each student will choose words from the list in order to create his/her unique spelling words.

We will follow a weekly routine:

  • Monday - Learn the new spelling principle & choose own words
  • Tuesday - Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (a way to practice the words)
  • Wednesday - Buddy Check (a practice test with immediate feedback from a peer)
  • Thursday - Making Connections (how our weekly words relate to other words)
  • Friday - Buddy Test (spelling test)

This week we will be talking about choosing Just Right spelling words. We will also be finishing up some spelling assessments in order to mold the spelling instruction to the students' needs.


5th Grade Math brings several areas of focus:

  • Fluently multiply with multi-digit numbers
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, decimals, and fractions
  • Understand the place value system
  • Volume
  • Conversion within measurement systems
  • Coordinate planes
  • Numerical expressions
  • Classifying shapes

We will be working hard to study, in depth, these areas of focus throughout the school year. We will be incorporating problem solving strategies into these areas of focus.

This week we will be learning a 5-Step Strategy for solving word problems.

Step 1 - What are the facts?

Step 2 - What is the question?

Step 3 - Is there extra information?

Step 4 - Choose a strategy and then solve the problem.

Step 5 - Does my answer make sense?