MRE Update

January 2, 2022

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Attendance Notification & Change of Dismissal Plans

Prior to 8:15...

Please send an email to if your child will not be in attendance. This email reaches both the main office as well as the nurse's office. Please include the reason your child will not be in attendance. If this information is not included, the school will be reaching out for additional information.

For any change in dismissal plans, please send one email to both the teacher and This ensures that both the office and the teacher know of the change in plans. Do not email changes after 8:15 as teachers may not have the opportunity to check their email during the day as they are busy working with students. Remember, same day changes should only be made in case of emergency. By doing this, it ensures that we are not disrupting the teacher and class learning during the day. Thank you for your help!

Winter Weather Apparel

PK through 5th grade

Please talk with your child daily about what is appropriate to wear to school. Take into consideration that the predicted temperature is not assured and that the wind chill often drops the temperature by five to ten degrees. It does get particularly windy on the playground with very little to break the wind coming across the fields. With a 10 mph wind, a 45 degree day quickly becomes 33 degrees just above freezing. Many students want to wear shorts to express their independence and individuality. Please have thoughtful conversations with them each morning about what they wear. If the temperature is near 45 degrees and windy, let your child know that they may be asked to wear pants and a warm jacket out to recess or stay inside.

We will send the students outside as much as possible. As a guideline, MRE will have indoor recess if the temperature is below 20 degrees or if there is heavy precipitation. Student do go out if there is light snow happening.

Please make sure students have boots, a coat, gloves or mittens, snow pants and a hat for the winter. Students are not allowed to play in the snow without boots and snow pants. As students get older, they like to wear sweatshirts instead of jackets. With wind and snow, this is not considered a jacket. Sweatshirts also get wet quickly.

Kindergarten Registration for SY22-23

If you have a child that will turn 5 by August 31, 2022, please complete the kindergarten application. Full registration takes place in early spring. To complete the registration process, additional materials and information will be sent to all families of incoming kindergarten students who have returned the application.

Please complete the online application by January 18th at the link below: (a Gmail account is required) If you require a paper copy of the application, please email our Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Frommer at

Session 2 Playgroup

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In Our Nashoba Community

Girls Scouts

Interested in you and your girl becoming a Girl Scout family? You're invited to see for yourself what Girl Scouts has to offer. Lancaster is welcoming girls in grades K-3 to join in the fun!

For more information contact Lisa Larson, OR Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts: or call 508-365-0115

Helpful Information & Links

Nashoba Nutrition Services

Lunch menus and important updates can be viewed here

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Mary Rowlandson Elementary School

To report a student absent, please send an email to: