Dream of Running the Country?

Help Wanted!! Become President Today!!


  • Must be 35 Years Old
  • Must be native-born American Citizen
  • Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 Years


  • The President must abide by the Constitution, since it is the basis of President's powers.
  • As President, your main job would be to execute/enforce the laws Congress passes.
  • Also, make treaties with other countries, serve as a Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.
  • One main job is to veto, or reject, bills that Congress has passed.
  • A President you are able to issue a pardon(forgiving or excusing someone of an offense) or reprieve(cancel or postpone a punishment for a crime) to people convicted of Federal crimes.

Roles of President

Chief Executive-The president is in charge of 15 cabinet departments. This role of the president also entails the way for the president to influence how laws are carried out.

Chief Diplomat-The President directs foreign policy. As well as making key decisions about how the United Sates interacts with other countries.

Commander in Chief- The Constitution makes the president the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United Sates.

Legislative Leader-President must sign bills into law or veto them. Also, president has a legislative program.

Head of State- The president acts as a living symbol of the United States

Economic Leader- The most important goal for president is to help the country's economy prosper. As well as planning the federal governments budget every year.

Party Leader-The president is viewed as a political leader, which helps their party raise money and funds.

Perks of being President!

One of the most world renowned perk is traveling in Air Force One on he Boeing 747s

Another Great Perk is living at the White House, which has housed some of the most influential people of America's history.

Also, along with the White House comes personal staff, which includes a pastry chef, physician, chief floral designer, chief calligrapher, and social secretary.

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