Skipping Breakfast

Madison Mortallaro & Nicole Adams

Not eating breakfast can impact weight, hormonal health, cognition and mood.


  • increase risk of obesity and make it harder to lose weight
  • more likely to overeat at other times of the day if you don't eat breakfast
  • can disrupt sugar balance
  • can trigger bad eating habits
  • eating breakfast can boost your metabolism and energy

Hormonal Health

  • skipping breakfast can cause menstrual irregularities in females
  • can negatively affect growing period
  • some breakfast skippers suffer from constipation


  • negatively impacts a school-child's ability to problem solve
  • students who eat breakfast generally score higher on tests
  • students who eat breakfast are more likely to attend school than students who do not
  • students who eat breakfast are also more likely to be on time to class


  • moods tend to improve when breakfast is consumed
  • 26% of people experienced improved mood when they began to eat breakfast every morning
  • skipping breakfast makes people more irritable, less able to focus and less energy to go about their day
  • healthy combinations of breakfast give long lasting energy while fatty breakfasts give a burst of energy but slowly deteriorates.

Physical Side Effects

  • fatigue
  • risk of low blood sugar
  • some symptoms include; shakiness, dizziness, weakness, headaches, tingling and rapid heart rate


  • people don't wake up early enough to eat
  • people aren't hungry
  • people are on a diet
  • people don't like eating breakfast before their morning workouts

Tips to eat breakfast

  • take healthy breakfast options to go, or take time each night to prep the breakfast
  • instead of eating solids for breakfast, try smoothies
  • eat a light breakfast to jumpstart your day
  • eat breakfast after morning workouts