Dublin, Ireland

Green vegetation, beautiful blue water, and breezy weather!

Dublin's Dining

Your taste buds will love this foreign food, guaranteed! Many stories are told about the potato in Ireland. One says that this vegetable first arrived in Ireland in the 17th century. The effect of this is that many people in Ireland love to eat potatoes. Since people like to eat this vegetable, they are sold on every corner of Dublin, Ireland's capital. Due to the Great Potato Famine, the Irish are very conscious of lack of food or hunger, and when someone is in need of food, they kindly provide it. Another famous Irish dish is carrots, corn beef, and potatoes. Be sure to eat Ireland's fabulous foods!

Ireland's Intellectual Achievements

Get ready to experience culture that will blow you away! There are three types of festivals in Ireland: modern, religious, and traditional. Maybe you're thinking about a trip to Ireland for Christmas? Christmas happens to be celebrated quietly in Ireland. And all of the shops, pubs, and restaurants are closed on Christmas. And just a tidbit of information is that Ireland's favorite art is dance. You wanted culture, we gave you culture!

Dublin's Delights

Get ready to explore tourist attractions in Ireland! Dublin Zoo is Ireland's top tourist attraction, so stop by there as soon as you can! Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge is Ireland's 2nd top tourist attraction, so why not stop by there for a while? Guiness Storehouse is popular too, and was founded by Arthur Guiness. The Blarney Stone is also a tourist attraction. It is right next to Blarney Castle. I was definitely attracted to these tourist attractions!

Ireland's Milestone

Emerse yourself in Ireland's famous Blarney Stone! The is located at Blarney Castle. Many people come every year to see the wonderous Blarney Stone. Many want to see and feel the rough texture of the stone. Many stoop under the stone to kiss it, which is why many Irish people say: " I think your kissing the Blarney Stone!" Now, please stop by the magnificent Blarney Stone.

Dublin's Dialect

Interested in what languages Irish people speak? You came to the right place!! Ireland's main languages are Irish and English. Ireland's government uses both languages for official business. Plus, many Irish people speak with an Irish brogue, which is a soft accent. And, almost 40% of Irish people speak enough English to use it in conversations.

Remember, Irish people CAN speak English!

Ireland's Disposition

Wanna know when to go? Then read on! Ireland's climate is slightly wet and the plants there are always green. The cool, damp climate in Ireland is perfect for growing crops and plants. Irish weather is damp enough for growing palm trees year-round at the Great Southern Hotel in Parknasilla. I read an article about Ireland and this is what it said: " What prompted Dunwoody to leave the mists of Ireland for the snows of Montreal?" I don't know. Ireland is fascinating. Make sure you have a nice trip!


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