Through My Eyes

Ruby Bridges

Through My Eyes takes place in...

Louisiana, in 1960. It tells about integration, segregation, and the Civil Rights Movement. The story is told through Ruby Bridges' eyes, and a part I found powerful is when Ruby is talking about the thoughts going through her head the night before she went to the all-white school. She describes it so we feel like we're there.

A part of this book that I found powerful is when...

Jordan walks down the stairs on what he thinks is a normal morning that he has stayed home sick. As he's walking down the stairs, he stops dead, seeing a kid who looks exactly like him.

"Who are you?" Jordan asked, while staring at a literal mirror image of himself.

Katherine, Jordan's sister, replied, "Jordan! Johnah! You have to stop acting like each other doesn't exist!"

Jordan became extremely confused, and passed out.

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