Self Harm

By Daniela Rangel

Things you should know about self harm...

It's a really serious problem that it turns into an addiction to someone who is going through self harm. It turns like a drug to them. It's a need to them. It's really hard for them to stop because all of us get used to something that takes the pain away, but this people must realize that harming themselves is not the best solution for their problems. They must stay strong.

Report it ! Help others or yourself!

They're many ways you can help others or help yourself within this issue called self harm.
  • Others:be their friend, someone they can trust and try your best to help them. At first the victim is not going to really let you help them but don't give up and keep trying and trying and trust me with your help ,they will win this battle.
  • Yourself: You need to be strong and if you don't have someone that you can call friend and they can help you, don't worry. You have yourself and every single human being is so strong but they hide it because they're scared. You're not suppose to be scared and keep fighting through this battle, because everyone is a warrior.
  • Another: You can also report it in your school if someone else is doing it to help them. If it's for yourself, find help,talk to your parents,no matter how hard it might seem. Trust me your parents will help more than anyone.

Don't be afraid and speak

Most of the persons that self harm are teenagers. Most of them always deny that they self harm and say they're fine and happy. Most are scared to speak. If you know someone who self harms or even you, please don't be scared to speak and reach for help because there's a bunch of people who can help with this kind of stuff. Usually self harmers feel alone and say no one is ever there for them and no one loves them. Truth is, that's what they think because everyone loves them and i bet you wouldn't like to see someone you love harming themselves. Please help or reach for help because i can assure you,you're not alone.<3