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Upgrade the old open fireplace concept with EcoGrate!

When you are thinking of upgrading the open fireplace in your house, you must consider installing some really effective appliance into the fireplace. There are plenty of alternatives available to cater for this purpose but they can be quite costly to install and expensive to run for most home owners especially during the cold winter months. So, what is the way out then? How do you improve the heat output from the open fireplace without having to pay a fortune? Simple, the answer to all these questions is EcoGrate! Yes, this advanced product can really elevate the performance of an open fireplace to the next level. We shall now explore how this product performs and how it greatly helps in reducing the amount of money you will spend on solid fuel costs.

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EcoGrate is a smartly designed and developed product by Celtic Product Development Ltd., this Irish company spent years on focusing how to improve the efficiency of the open fireplace and after vigorous testing this exclusive grate for open fireplaces was launched to the market in January 2013. This innovative fireplace appliance has magical impacts in increasing the efficiency of open fireplaces, the magic being done by the smart construction of the product. The product consists of quality cast iron that absorbs the heat from the fuel you are burning in the fireplace. With ordinary fireplaces the cold air in the room naturally goes towards the fireplace but it takes all this heat up the chimney - two major complications about this are - you are deprived of the majority of the available heat energy leaving you cold in the room (even with the fire on) and secondly the amount of wasted fuel is a major concern. Whereas, you can prevent this situation by using EcoGrate. The main core difference by installing EcoGrate is that the EcoGrate purposefully draws in this cold air, it travels through the cast iron manifold and is super heated and then emitted evenly back into the room space.

You would have hardly come across any other product which is an exclusive fireplace appliance that produces so much heat alongside minimizing solid fuel costs as EcoGrate. This product certainly gives up to four times more heat than the ordinary open fire, when the cool air travels through the manifold it is emitted 6-8 times hotter back into the room so you don't have to sit right beside the fire to enjoy the heat. On average the EcoGrate gives out a minimum heat output of 4.85 kW, which is phenomenal heat considering it is still an open fireplace.

Some more traits about EcoGrate:

• This product gives out four times more heat than your standard open fireplace and halves solid fuel costs

• You can enjoy even distribution of heat and don't have to sit right beside the fire

• This product is very simple to install and remove from the fireplace. You can manage it on your own, so there are no fitting costs.

• The product has won some very prestigious awards in Ireland and the United Kingdom

• The EcoGrate comes with very good warranties which show great confidence in the product

So, now we are pretty much informed with how this miraculous product works. These many qualitative features of this super grate are impressive to say the least, so what's stopping you, install an EcoGrate today!