Winter Sales

Small prices of even free

A batch of glasses - Free

Don't need them anymore, and don't wanna trash them so just ask, it's free :)

lamp stand - Free

red "wireframe" lamp stand.

Shade missing.

Search adoptive family for second life.

Given with energy saver bulb.

Wooden stand Lamp - Free

Lamp with beautiful wooden stand can be used as storage tray. Lack glass lampshade.

Wooden Plate - Free

Large Wooden plate can be used as storage tray or fruit basket ... whatever :D

TNT Tuner Decoder €15

Included remote + batteries, scart cable and power cable of course.

TNT / DVB-T Antenna €15

Active DVB-T indoor antenna with coaxial cable. Flat design. Work well indoor.

Articulated desk lamp €10

Articulated desk lamp with low consumption bulb included

Semi-directional WIFI Antena €10

Boost your signal in 180 direction with this outdoor-proof WIFI Antenna !