SGA Historian Report - Nov/Dec 2014

See how HPU's Student Government has been serving you!

About SGA

The Student Government Association is a group of students who meet every week to take action on issues that you, the students, believe are important.

SGA regularly works on ways to reach out to you to find out more about what you'd like us to work on next. We also meet with the appropriate HPU personnel & staff to discuss changes to HPU policy and improvements for the campus, based on feedback from you.

Below, is a list of the issues SGA is actively working on, has completed, and is planning for the future. As always, all students are welcome to attend SGA meetings (Monday nights at 7 PM on the 2nd floor of the FLC building). Make your voice heard!

What We're Working On

  • Preparing for Exam Tram (this Sunday!)

  • Establishing transparency for the HPU budget by working with the business office

  • Designing and publicizing an ad for student artwork to display around campus

  • Getting recycling bins on campus

  • Getting motorcycle parking spots

  • Installing benches for bus stops around campus

  • Cleaning the gazebo next to Veda

  • Creating better awareness of the smoking policy (no smoking inside buildings and/or within 15 feet of any building entrance)

  • Discussing plans with the administration regarding the possibility of a 9/11 Memorial Flag garden

  • Discussing plans with the administration regarding a Homecoming prep-rally next year

  • Improving the H-Pond