TMS Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Winter 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are reaching out in the name of safety. We have received requests to share concerns regarding the traffic around TMS during drop-off and pick-up times. Each year the cold weather and snow make it difficult for students to walk and bike to school which means there are many more vehicles transporting students to and from school. As a result, additional time for the commute to and from TMS and during the drop-off and pick-up process is needed. Please plan accordingly and allow for this extra time.

Ultimately the TMS drop-off and pick-up experience is something that is heavily dependent upon adults taking the time to follow the proper procedures. We are urging all parents to please be considerate of each other. Please re-read the expectations and procedures listed below and be sure to share these protocols with any relatives or neighbors that pick up TMS students.

Lastly, it's important to note that TMS students are aware of the drop-off and pick-up expectations as these reminders are shared directly with them as well. Please be mindful of the example being set and please support our students in following the guidelines put in place to ensure their safety.

Thank you,

Lori, Nick, & Greg


Arrival Before School

  • 6th Grade Drop-Off: 6th graders should be dropped off in the Arlington Heights/Thomas Street parking lot.
  • 7th & 8th Grade Entrances: All 7th and 8th graders should be dropped off in the Belmont Avenue drop-off line. Please pull forward as far as possible to allow as many cars to drop off at once. Students should NOT exit the car until the car is past the yellow line on the sidewalk.

Dismissal After School

  • Parent Pick-Up Line: ALL 6th, 7th & 8th graders can get picked up on the carpool line which is on Belmont Avenue. Please be sure to form a single line along Belmont Street and remain in your car until your student arrives. It is essential that you pull up as cars exit the pick-up line. If you do not pull up this causes a back-up on Thomas Street.
  • PLEASE DO NOT pick your students up on Thomas St. This creates an incredibly unsafe situation for your children. Students know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and we ask that you NOT put your child in a position to violate this safety expectation.
  • PLEASE DO NOT park in the carpool line on Belmont Avenue. Consider meeting your child for pick-up at 3:00 instead of 2:50 after school.

Safety Guidelines for both Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times:

  • The Belmont Avenue (main parking lot) is ONLY accessible for cars with the TMS parking lot decal or cars with handicap accommodations. We kindly ask that you not access this parking lot during arrival and pick-up times.
  • PLEASE DO NOT drop off or pick-up students on Belmont Avenue north of Thomas Street. This increases the traffic crossing at this location and creates a dangerous back-up on Thomas Street at Arlington Heights Road. Consider picking up on Olive Street south of TMS or on Douglas Street as long as your child uses the crosswalks.
  • PLEASE DO NOT make U-Turns on Belmont Avenue. This is incredibly unsafe!
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