Les Miserables


The Retold Legend


Les Miserables starts out with 2 people and a lot of prisoners. The 2 guys names are Jean Valjean(who was arrested for robbery of bread because his family was starving) and Javert(who is the main policeman who arrested Jean Valjean). That was Jean's last day of being in prison. When he is let go he is give a paper that stated that he must find a job within 3 days otherwise he will be arrested again and the employer must sign it.


3 days later he still didn't have a job and was looking for a place to stay and was accepted to stay at a church that was owned by Bishop Myreil. That night he tears up his paper and throws it away. Hours later he steals some silverware and runs off and is brought back to the bishop by the police and the bishop replied that he forgot 2 candles and made him promise that he would use the silver to become an honest man.


Later in the book he becomes rich because of his good deeds and names himself Madeline so he won't be arrested again until Javert would find out. Later he meets Fantine who was poor and struggled to keep herself fed, then she got sick and then by the command of Jean was sent to a hospital.

Jarvet then found out that Madeline was Jean and reports it and at the same time found out that Madeline wasn't Jean because other policemen reported that they saw Jean elsewhere. Fantine then tells Jean about Cosette and then Jean then Swears to find Fantines daughter Cosette.


Jarvet finds Jean at the hospital and recognises him as Jean ValJean and then Fantine dies in shock. Jean asks for 5 days to find Cosette and Jarvet refuses to because Jean could escape. Jean escapes by the water after a fight with Jarvet and finds Cosette and adopts her as his daughter.


Many years of hiding later he joins a French rebellion group. Jarvet joined the group later on and when the group found out that Jarvet was actually on the other side they asked for someone to kill him and Jean volunteered. Jean didn't actually kill him he let Jarvet go even though he was improsined for 19 years by Jarvet!


A few days later the battle begun and a lot of people died Mauris laid on the ground unconscious before Jean picked him up and fled to the sewers. On the way out of the sewers Jarvet stood in the way Jean just said "please" and Jarvet led them to a hospital. Later Jarvet then debates whether he should die in return or to kill Jean and he decides to kill himself. A few days later Mauris marries Cosette and later Jean dies.



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