Softball and Baseball

Softball and Baseball are a very famous sport.

Softball is similiar to baseball

Softball is similar to baseball but the ball is larger.

Softball fact

softball is played in every continent with more than 100 countries active members of the International Softball Federation.

First ever games

Did you know that the first games of softball was made so the softball would be soft enough to play with no gloves. The creator of softball made the softball glove out of a boxing glove and he shaped it into a sphere then that was when the glove of softball was created.

How it all started

Softball was originated on Thanksgiving Day in 1887 in Chicago. A football fan, celebrating the football teams victory of winning, threw a boxing glove at the opposing teams fan and the fan of the opposing team took a stick and hit the boxing glove. that is how it started. A witness, George H. He witnessed this action. He was inspired to initiate a game and bound the bound the boxing glove into a sphere, marked the floor with line in chalk, and used a broom stick handle as the bat.

The important equipment for softball is the bat, glove, and of course a softball

The Five extra facts.

1. Did you know softball is an Olympic sport.

2. The best team in the U.S is in Florida in the south east.

3.Softball was created with just a boxing glove and a stick.

4.There are more than several positions in the game.

5. There are over 5.9 million girls from the age 6 to 17 play softball.