Becoming an Illustrator

Draw! Design! Create!

What does an illustrator do?


- Create drawings and designs for books and magazines, ads, movies, tv programs and multimedia.


- Work on paper, 2D abd 3D models by using combination of digital on-screen and the use of hands.

There are famous illustrators around us. Their beautiful artworks appear in films like Walt Disney films, novel covers, inside-out of picture books etc. Some names that we may have heard of like Tim Burton!

Income $$$

Being an illustrator can easily have highs and lows.

You need to have original styles to be able to promote yourself and gain attention by the public.

The national average hourly wage is $23.13 -
the lowest could as little as $8.97.



- high level of drawing skill

- artistic and design flair

- confident feeling for movement, spacing and timing


- Completing a degree in animation, graphic design, new media design, fine arts, visual arts or visual communication

- Professional training under courses for initial qualifications


  1. Bachelor of Arts - Fine arts
  2. Bachelor of Design
  3. Bachelor of Interactive Arts
  4. Master of Animation
  5. ...~

Have the passion! Have the skills! :D

------------------------------------------------------- How to officially become an illustrator?

Before stepping in the gate of the career,

you may required to

  • attend an interview
  • drawing tests
  • complete a written critique
  • submit art folios

To be able to gain attention by people, start sumbitting artworks to newspapers, magazines. Enter local-national-international competitions for awards!


Create a folio of all your best artworks! Start now!

To become an illustrator, is a journey...