Hurricane Floyd

September 7th, 1999 By: Erin Cunningham

Hurricane season

Hurricane season is during June 1st and November 30th. Usually a hurricane will come during fall months because it is when the ocean water is warm. But, a hurricane can be very dangerous during fall. Because of the water being warm the hurricane can rain from 9 to 10 inches and make a flood.

Saffir- Simpson Hurricane scale

The Saffir- Simpson Hurricane scale is a scale for categorizing hurricanes. The hurricane scale is a range of one to five. One is a weak hurricane and five is a powerful hurricane. The Saffir- Simpson Hurricane scale ranges the hurricanes by wind speed. The wind speed in a hurricane can range from 74mph to 157mph. A one is 74mph to 95mph. A two is 96mph to 110mph. A three is 111mph to 129mph. A four is 130mph to 156mph. The last one is a five with 157mph or higher. But, even the most powerful hurricane can't maintain strengh when it hits landfall because there isn't enough warm water to keep it going.

Typhoons and the History of Hurricane names

The difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is that hurricanes form over the Atlantic ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific ocean.

The hurricanes in the North Atlantic ocean in 1950 to 1952 were identified with the phonetic alfabet. But in 1953, the U.S. weather Bureau decided to switch to women's names. Everyone eventually caught on and started using women's names too. Now scientists use men's names and women's names for hurricanes. For example, Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Katrina. Every six years the names get recycled and they use them again. If a hurricane is really powerful and devastating the will not use the name again.

Hurricane Floyd

Hurricane Floyd is a famous hurricane. Floyd was a level 4 on the Saffir- Simpson hurricane scale. But when it went through the Bahamas, Abaco Island, and North Carolina it turned into a level 2 hurricane. Floyd became a hurricane September 6th, 1999 but made landfall September 7th, 1999. Floyd's fastest wind speed were 155mph. When Floyd went through the three places, he caused 56 deaths and $6 billion in damage.(Off to the bottom there is a picture of Floyd's damage.) Floyd was ranked 20th all time hurricane. Floyd flooded every town he came through. So on September 16th every year Floyd is remembered.


Hurricanes are very powerful storms and can flood everything with one gust of fast wind, so remember to take precautions when dealing with a hurricane watch or warning. Also remember when a hurricane comes through, take it seriously; this is not funny business. Hurricanes can kill and damage more then you will ever know. So watch out during Autumn. THANK YOU:)