Boulan vs. Smith Dodgeball Showdown

The Long-Awaited, First Annual

Ever wondered which MS staff would win in an all-out knockdown brawl?

Well, we may never know the answer to that question, but after the first annual Dodgeball Showdown between Boulan Park and Smith Middle Schools, we will know which staff has earned some bragging rights.

And the loser? Let's just say they may find a "needs improvement" in the athleticism domain of their year-end evaluation....

Throwdown/Showdown with Everything on the Line: Boulan Staff v. Smith Staff Dodgeball Challenge

Friday, Feb. 7th, 3:30pm

5835 Donaldson Drive

Troy, MI

After the game, please join us for a "rehydration" happy hour at Steelhouse Tavern, 1129 E Long Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48085.

The Lineup

Josh Heppner, AHS Varsity Football Coach and Throwdown/Showdown Referee.

Ann O'Neill, Mistress of Ceremonies and Event Planning Goddess

Boulan Broncos

Support Staff

Bob Bevier and Cindy Shankin, Water Couple (a.k.a. Abercrombie and Shanks”)

Elizabeth “Likert It Up-Scale” Cummings, Stats

Terri “Bruisin’ Brune” Brune, Uniform Manager and player

Phil “The Supreme Court” Lewan, Practice Manager and player

Lisa Jansen, Cheryl Megahan, Joanie Levitt, Jackie Morris, Team First Aide (a.k.a. “Nurse Rachits”)

Jen Smith, Team Seamstress


Tammy “The Arm” Gilbert

Emily “Bard of the Boards” Bard

Hank “The Polar Vortex” Thoenes

Tony “The Detention” Morse

Nate “Sharpie” Reynolds

Song "Louise" Song

Michelle “Pinky” Tasich

Jen “Jumpin’ Jen” Taylor

Frank “Capital Gains” Leone

Kevin “Double Time” Wilson

Mike “The Magnificent” Lalko

Paula “The Remainder” Mather

Liz “Jumpin' Jones” Jones

Mark "Silver Bullet" Martin

Michelle “The Executive Branch” Slaviero

Jennifer "The Crusher" Smith

Kym "Kymmer" Stepp

Queenie “Her Majesty” Wong

evolutionary adaptations

The final countdown(cover) by evolutionary adaptations

Smith Knights

Support Staff

Jenn "Brauny" Braun, Cheerleading Squad

Tara "Bring it On" Putrus, Cheerleading Squad

Colleen "Call in the Troops" Tropea, Cheerleading Squad

Jessica "Psych" Garrett, Cheerleading Squad

Melissa "The Hammer" Hamel, Cheerleading Squad

Natalie "Flyer" Jagels, Cheerleading Squad

Angela "Coach" Milanov, Cheerleading Coach

Stacey "Shamer" Schoenherr, Cheerleading Squad

Terri "Ice Breaker" McCormick, Water girl


Jake "The Intern" Arendsen

Megan "Mighty Meg" Bergman

Amy "The Woodshed" Buchanan

Anne "Coach Droggie" Drogosch, Coach

Gareth "Dr. 'EVE'L" Eve

Tim "The Filcher" Fulcher

Jen "I'll Counsel You!" Hartenburg

Tracie "Thunder Knight" Kania

Nancy "Kelvin" Klein

Mike "Mo' Money" Morris

Karyn "Muscles" Mroczka

Vivek "DEE-Nayaked" Nayak

Brad "The Impaler" Pyke

Kym "Kymmer" Stepp

Candice "The Tomahawk" Tamakloe

Jamie "VanSchooled" VanHouzen

Alicia "The Wall" Wahls

Jen "20/20" Vente

Take a sneak peek at the teams' intense training regimen...

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball
Flier created by Christina Chatel, a.k.a. "Geneva", official event photographer and media coordinator.