Adaptive Learning Software

ALEKS Benefits & Features

-Starts everyone at the same point, then adapts to your answers to give each student new content.

-ALEKS avoids multiple choice questions, instead uses Q&A similar to paper/pencil assignments.

-Creates a pie chart that shows student knowledge. Students are then offered a choice of topics to start learning.

-Periodic reassessments to check student learning.

-Program automatically places student at the spot they left off - even if computer crashes or internet fails.

-Math, Science, and Business courses

-Printable Worksheets specifically tailored to student

ALEKS Cons & Desired Changes



-Web Based - Must have reliable internet

-Not ideal for new content - better as review

-Must have teacher available for further explanation of difficult problems/areas.

-Minimal Higher Level Thinking

-Java Dependent


-More content areas (reading/literature, social studies).

-Add more thorough explanations to allow program to teach new content properly.

-Allow password retrieval access through the program itself, rather than requiring the teacher.