kite making

by Maryanne kinler

The wind is picking up and what beater way to spend the time then flying a kite. First what is a kite, a kite is a diamond shape with a cross support in the middle and string tide to the cross. Be care full kite flying is not for everyone.

all you need is

* 1/2 plastic bag

* 3 sticks

* floss
* tape

* yarn (optional)

If you want to fly your kite you mite want to go to a windy clearing. (as shown in the background) To fly your kite face the wind and run with the kite flying behind you. Let the floss of the stick as needed. don't give up it will take some practice before it will fly right.

Not all kites are dimond shape. Kites can be any shape you can imagine, but dimond kites are essayer to make and fly. Once you are able to fly a kite you mite pinsetter going to the kite festival ware you can see the best of the best kites flying high.
Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2013