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Labor Day Holiday, September 5th

Each year we come together and celebrate Labor Day to recognize and to honor those who have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the United States. All workers, blue collar through white collar are entitled to our gratitude for your service to the country. Thank you all !


We Have High Expectations For The 2022-2023 School Year

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September 22nd, First Day of Autumn


New School Year Recognition Of Some Of Our Leaders

Dr. Christopher Pichon receives two recognitions

The Knights of Peter Claver have elected Dr. Christopher Pichon of Houston as their Eighteenth Supreme Knight and Chief Executive Officer at its 106th Annual Senior National Convention in Illinois, from July 18-20, 2022. The Supreme Knight position is the CEO of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc., an organization that is nationwide and international, with 14,000+ members. It is essentially the national president and chief executive officer which governs the business and fraternal components of the organization. It is a 2-year, term in office, and can serve up to 3 consecutive terms if re-elected.

Dr. Pichon has also been selected by the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Greater-Houston as the Assistant Superintendent of Operational Vitality. R.I.S.E. was his platform theme in which his campaign focused on. Under his leadership, the organization will rise:

R - REIMAGINE the 21st century health, viability, and systemic growth of the organization.

I - reshape our culture that is INCLUSIVE and exhibit value of all members, regardless of age.

S - reignite our SPIRITUAL works of mercy.

E - pursue the branding and reputation of an EMINENT organization.

Most currently, Dr. Pichon has served as Galena Park ISD Senior Director for School Administration, along with many years of service to Houston ISD and Alief ISD as teacher, building principal and Executive Director for Principal Development for Galena Park ISD. His new position of Assistant Superintendent of Operational Vitality for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Catholic Schools began on August 1, 2022.

Dr. Pichon is the current TABSE President-Elect, who will begin his term as TABSE President at the conclusion of the TABSE 38th Annual State Conference in February 2023. Congratulations to Dr. Chris Pichon for his well deserved accomplishments.

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New Superintendent Appointment

Dr. Tiffany T. Spicer Named Superintendent Lone Finalist Of Buna ISD.

The Buna ISD School Board has selected Dr. Tiffany T. Spicer as its lone finalist for the position of Buna ISD Superintendent. Dr. Spicer comes to Buna ISD from Beeville ISD, where she was most recently employed as Chief of Staff.

Dr. Spicer is an educator who has served in public education for more than 18 years. She is an educator who is passionate about equity and access for all students, ensuring they are prepared to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Spicer has served as a general education and special education teacher, as well as an administrator, assistant principal, associate principal, middle school principal and high school principal. After campus leadership, she transitioned to central office and has assumed such roles as executive director, assistant superintendent and chief of staff. Dr. Spicer attended the University of Texas where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social Work, from Texas State University-San Marcos she earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and from Texas A&M University, her doctorate degree in philosophy.

Dr. Spicer is a passionate educator dedicated to ensuring each and every student has educational experiences and exposures that propel them beyond their imaginations. Her commitment to removing barriers and providing access and opportunities is key to students receiving a high-quality education. Dr. Spicer's leadership style promotes a mindset shift for both, students and adults, as they find their purpose and aspire to achieve it.

The TABSE family wishes Dr. Spicer the best of success as she leads Buna ISD into the new school year. Congratulations on her appointment and service to students.


Congratulations to a 2022 Top 30 Influential Woman of Houston

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NABSE 50th Annual National Conference

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The 50th Annual NABSE National Conference will convene near Washington D.C., from November 30th through December 4, 2022. Make plans early to register and attend the conference. It has been said by many that "Once you attend a NABSE conference, you will NOT want to miss any in the future". Numerous important issues are of interest to educators today, and will be addressed during the organizations meetings. Register early and reserve your hotel accommodations. We look forward to you joining NABSE in National Harbor, Maryland, outside of the D.C. area.

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TABSE 38th Annual State Conference Planning Meeting

On Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6, 2022, the TABSE State Conference planning meeting occurred at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, site of the 2023 state conference. Board members and Committee representatives attended in person and virtually, to report on and plan the numerous aspects of the conference which will make this conference one of the best planned and anticipated in recent years.

With Covid 19 and other health concerns well identified and being addressed by health professionals and the general public, conference attendance is thought to be projected higher than the past few years. The Horseshoe Bay Resort is an impressive looking facility with conference space that should meet the needs to host the annual state conference. Reports from the various committees working to finalize activities, such as meetings, registration, speakers, entertainment etc. were provided prior to a site walk through by the planning attendees.

The 38th Annual State Conference is scheduled for February 15 - 19, 2023, at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in the Texas Lake & Hill Country, west of Austin, Texas. TABSE is planning another outstanding conference and looks forward to your attendance and participation. Plan to register early for the conference.

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Make Schools Safe For Students and Educators

Here we are again, grieving over the senseless recent shooting of children in Uvalde, Texas. In the many school and mass murder shootings over the last several years, the perpetrators have all been young males, with deranged beliefs against certain people . The U.S. government has refused to address and pass legislation to reduce and control gun ownership because big money backers of some politicians are arms manufacturers and distributors.

After spending a few days by the media talking about the terrible school massacre at Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas, the National Rifle Association (NRA) recently convened its convention in Houston, Texas. Well over 8,000 reported conference attendees heard speakers like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, express their support for gun ownership and protection of citizen rights to “bear arms”. Governor Gregg Abbott canceled his scheduled personal appearance, but sent a recorded video presentation, where he expressed his support for gun ownership, and refusal to tighten gun background checks to purchase weapons by young people. Exhibitors displayed their various array of weapons ranging from handguns to automatic military style assault guns for purchase.

The automatic weapons in possession by thousands of people are being boldly shown and displayed in the news coverages. At last check, automatic assault weapons were NOT being used for duck, bird or deer hunting. These weapons are designed for use by the military in war, and yet, private citizens can purchase these weapons as easily as attending the many gun shows frequently hosted throughout the state, or as easily as purchasing them over the counters of camping, hunting and military surplus stores. Anyone with the money to purchase these weapons are doing so, with little to no background checks of age and/or mental competency for ownership for many. One billboard in the Galleria area of Houston advertises machine gun training for a fee. Bold advertisement about concealed, carry permits, and training are on the increase.

Some school districts have just recently approved the spending of millions of dollars to purchase automatic weapons, body armor, body armor shields and ammunition to better prepare against school shootings. Safety is not disputed for our schools, however funds to increase teacher recruitment and retention, along with reinstating school student activities and student services will also help to address crucial services needed for students in possible crises. Some governors have called for using police officers, firemen, and National Guardsmen to fill teacher vacancies. Schools should be places of learning by qualified trained people and not armed fortresses.

We cannot continue to remain silent and watch as more people are shot and killed by people exposing their hatred. Our elected officials, both Democratic and Republican, must take a stand to support legislation which will punish and send a clear message to any and all who illegally possess and use weapons to destroy life. If politicians are Pro Life, then their actions should support their political claims. The election process must be used to remove elected officials who do not view and support our entitled rights. Division within the country weakens the overall strength which makes us a world power. Future generations are dependent on our ability to correctly address and provide honesty, fairness and shared equality, along with compromise is an option. Do not forget what has happened recently, because “next time” could be sooner than you think!

These comments do not express the viewpoint of anyone other than myself.

Melvin Guider

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Something To Make You Go Hmmmmm!

Let's Talk

In every generation, the young people have gotten involved in leadership positions ranging from political, educational, social causes etc. and they have used their fresh ideas to take the lead in making change in the country and world. Our young educators are being recognized for their talents and abilities and are being touted to lead our classrooms, buildings and school districts. Because the youth is the future, the senior veterans and retirees have the responsibilities to support and guide our leaders towards their success.

Information is key in making any policy regarding school decisions for our students, teachers and communities. All leaders have their personal style and no one way is the only way to do things. Each individual will discover the best ways to address and work with every kind of situation and/or individual. Trust those who you work with and share similar beliefs and ideas with, as you make decisions that are best for students. Seek both agreement and objective criticism for ideas and suggestions. Both viewpoints can highlight areas where modification may be in order. Opposition to an idea does not suggest or mean opposition of the person and should never be seen as a personal attack or non-support of the person.

Students of the 21st century need to know how to read, write, count, speak, reason and work collaboratively with others etc., in learning environments. Let us make certain that these skills are taught and learned by students throughout their academic lives. Educators must be viewed once again as community leaders and role models. Our current leaders are more technologically advanced than their predecessors and able to gather information at a moments notice through multi-media methods. Continue to explore new ways of teaching and leading, while at the same time, retaining those proven methods of the past which have been successfully integrated into teaching for years.

When you consider the facts that Jackie Robinson made it possible for Hank Aaron, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible for Rev. Al Sharpton, Congress woman Shirley Chisholm made it possible for President Barack Obama, and many other examples of passing the torch, we must share information, wisdom, suggestions and guidance, to help insure the success of our chosen leaders. Our leaders represent us as the name and face of our organizations and we must support those who wave our banner. The best of success to all of our leaders in the classrooms, departments, offices, buildings, districts etc. this academic school year!

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TABSE Business Partner of the Month

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

We bring learning to countless students and teachers—transforming lives, supporting communities, and making our society more open, just, and inclusive for all.


TABSE School District of the Month

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Galena Park ISD

The Mission of the Galena Park Independent School District is to prepare students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.

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