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GMS Weekly Announcements

November 16, 2020

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Greenbrier Middle School to empower students to be successful, productive leaders in society. We are devoted to an engaging and rigorous curriculum, a safe and student-centered environment, and innovative teaching and learning that is built on stakeholder collaboration to educate the whole child.

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Blended Learning Day-November 23 (No students on campus)

Monday, November 21 will be a blended learning day. Students will be sent assignments through their Fast Focus Google Classroom. The assignments can be completed anytime throughout the week of Thanksgiving break. No students will be on campus this day.

Veteran's Day Quilt Winner

Kevin Moore was the Veteran's Day quilt winner. He was nominated by his son Rylie Moore. Thank you for your service to our country, Mr. Moore! The quilt was designed and made by some of our GMS students and Mrs. Bilderback.
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Principal Award Winners for October

GMS recognized some students today for exemplifying what it means to be ACCOUNTABLE! Accountability was the character word of the month. We are so proud of each of our kiddos!
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Symbolism Pictionary

Students in Ms. Kirby's class were reviewing symbolism by playing Pictionary. Students were shown a word and they had to draw a picture/symbol that represented the word.
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GMS Parent Survey

GMS would love to have you complete this survey to provide us with very important feedback. We take your feedback very seriously and use it to help us grow and become a better school each and every year. Thank you in advance for completing the survey.


Basketball Season Guidelines

Basketball season is upon us and this year will look quite a bit different. We will have limited seating at all of our home games and very limited seating at all of our away games (probably parents only for most). Times for most games will be a little different than normal also as we try to do our best to space things out to comply with health department standards.

Some things we ask......

- Be prepared to wear a mask the entire time except when you are eating or drinking.

- Be prepared to socially distance and only sit with your family group.

- If you have young children, keep them sitting with you and do no allow them to run around the gym.

- No students under the 10th grade will be allowed to attend without being accompanied by an adult.

- MS, JH, and SH students must sit in the student section socially distanced or with their parents. No grouping up in other areas of the gym.

- All home seating will be on the home side. No home spectators will be allowed on the visitors side.

- When you attend a game please arrive right at game time and leave as soon as the game is over.

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If students are to ride a different bus home than normal, they MUST bring a note and have it signed by the office. The student will then give it to the bus driver. If a student does not have the note signed by the office, the bus driver will not allow the student to ride home to a different location.

PTO is selling GMS gear!

GMS PTO is thrilled to partner with BleacherBLING to offer GMS merchandise this year! To honor social distancing, all orders must be placed online through the QR code. Scan the code with your phone camera and it will take you to the online store. Once your order is in, it will be delivered to the school or there is an option to ship directly to you. Thank you for your support!
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Remind Codes

Click the link to access GMS teachers remind codes.

Reminder for Quarantined Students:

While a student is quarantined, they will not be allowed to attend any function here on campus. This would include sporting events. Thanks for understanding and your cooperation.

Google Meet for Quarantined Students

When a student is quarantined, students will be able to continue with class instruction through Google Meets. Each day, students will log in to their Google Classrooms each period and will participate in class through the Google Meet. Students attendance will be based on students being logged on for the complete class period.

Google Meet Expectations:

*Be on time to class and you must stay logged on the entire session.

*Keep your camera on and muted until teacher directs otherwise.

*Engagement is required, participate by answering questions, etc.

*Wear appropriate clothes.

*You must identify yourself with your full name when entering a Google Meet Session.

*Choose a quiet place in your house that is away from distractions. Students should be focused on the lesson and not participating in other activities at the same time.

*You must log in using your school gmail account. Profile pictures should include your face.

School appropriate backgrounds.

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Masks Information

The district ordered 3 masks per student for the year. If the student chooses to wear the school provided mask, please make sure they understand that these can be worn multiple times. Please encourage them to bring these home to wash and then they are to wear them again. Thanks for helping us out with this!

GMS Point of Contact Information

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Covid-19 District Information

Information about the school day and the district's response to Covid-19 can be found here.
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GMS Ranked #1 Best Middle School in Faulkner County and #1 Best Middle School Teachers in Faulkner County

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GMS STEM Spotlight

Interested in STEM at GMS? Access the following link to learn more about STEM!

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PTO Contact Information

If you would like to volunteer at GMS and need information, please feel free to send an email to PTOgreenbrierms@gmail.com.


  • We have received a lot of positive feedback on our car rider line route. To help things flow as quickly as possible, we ask that you let your child know which line you will be using so that they can be standing on that side of the pick up line. This will especially be important in bad weather when students will not be able to be standing outside.
  • Drop off begins at 7:30 a.m. and pick up will begin at 3:20 p.m. Please remember to pull up as close as possible to the car in front of you. This allows us to load several students at one time.
  • Tardy Bell rings at 7:50 when instruction begins for the day.
  • We encourage you to still come eat lunch with your child. However, this year you will have to eat at one of the outside seating areas. Parents will not be able to enter the cafeteria due to safety guidelines.

Drop Off and Pick Up Routes for Middle School and Jr. High

Just a reminder to be patient with us the first day of car rider line. Please remember that middle school has two lines for car riders. The right lane will turn towards Hwy 65 at the Panther head and exit to Hwy 65. The left lane will turn left at the Panther head and merge in with Jr. High car rider line and exit back on to Hwy. 25.
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Dress Code

Please be mindful of the student dress code for students in grades 6-7. Students who are in violation of dress code will be asked to change and parents will be notified. You can find the dress code in the link below.
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Basketball Games:

  • November 16 4:00 Heber Springs Home
  • November 18 4:00 LR Christian Away
  • November 30 4:00 Morrilton Away
  • December 2 4:00 LR Christian Home
  • December 7 4:30 Vilonia Home
  • December 9 4:00 Russellville Away
  • December 15 4:00 Cabot North Away
  • December 16 4:00 Morrilton Home
  • December 17 4:00 Clinton Away
  • January 11 4:30 Conway Simon Home
  • January 13 4:00 Conway Bob Courtway Home
  • January 20 4:00 Conway Carl Stuart Home
  • January 21 4:30 Russellville Home
  • January 25 4:30 Conway Ruth Doyle Away
  • January 27 4:00 Vilonia Away
  • February 1 4:30 Benton Home
  • February 3 4:00 Beebe Away
  • February 4 4:00 Searcy Away

Important Dates:

  • November 16-Progress Reports
  • November 23-Blended Learning Day (No students on campus)
  • November 24-27-Thanksgiving Break
  • ACT Aspire Interim-December 1-4


  • GMS holds our students accountable to complete ALL assignments and therefore we have a "no zero policy. Every student will complete every assignment! If a student does not have an assignment from the previous week completed by the end of the school day on Tuesday, their name will be placed on the ICU list. Once a student's name is placed on the ICU list on Tuesday, they must go to ICU the following day even if they complete the assignment Tuesday evening. They will be given an extended learning activity for extra practice. However, if the student turns the assignment in on Wednesday, they will be taken off the list and will not have to attend ICU on Thursday. If student is still on the list on Friday, they will go to ICU during lunch and during their electives in order to be given the extra time needed to complete quality work. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO COMPLETE EVERY ASSIGNMENT ON TIME TO AVOID BEING PLACED ON THE ICU LIST.

Titan School Meal Payment System

Free/Reduced Meal Application

Greenbrier Middle School

Principal, Bryce Bennett bennettb@greenbrierschools.org

Asst. Principal, Rachel Atkinson atkinsonr@greenbrierschools.org

Secretary, Susan Bradley bradleys@greenbrierschools.org

Nurse, Dollie Greene greened@greenbrierschools.org

Counselor, Tami Buchanan buchanant@greenbrierschools.org