by: Alexys Hovde


Hello 4th graders! Come on over! Closer, Closer! Ok, right there is good. Here is some things that you should know about Lineville. Are you scared you are going to get lost? Well, I was just like you I thought I was going to get lost too once you get here it is not that scary.


The first class that you go to is team time. Team time is different for each class room. For my team we do something different each day like on Monday we tell each other about our weekend. On Tuesday we do iPad free day. Then on Wednesdays we work out for workout Wednesday(it is normally a just dance video.) Thursday we do silent ball. Last we do locker clean out and turn in our blue cards. This what team time is like.



There are many different things that happen with positive behavior. One thing that is handed out are blue cards. Blue cards are only handed out for good behavior. Another thing that we do for good behavior is have incentives. Incentives are just fun thing to do, like one time we went to the gym at 9th hour and played doge ball. There are many more but these are only some of them.


There are some negative things too. When you do not get your homework done you will get a miner. Once you get 3 miners you can not get in to the incentive. One more thing it that you can get maigers for getting in to a fight. Anything other than not getting your homework done is basically a maiger. And if you get 1 maiger then you can't get in to the incentive. you can also get a noon. A noon is when you go to a class room during lunch and resus. These are only some negative thing there are many more.


In Lineville the specials are different. Here at Lineville we have Spanish and technology for a half of a year you will have Spanish and for the other half you will have technology. This year library is not a special. For gym we need to change in a locker room. Last for music we do not go in to a class all together you spread out and go to 3 different classes you can pick between band orchestra or choir. That is what I wanted you to know about specials.


Lunch is very different in Lineville. Here we have a smaller time period to eat. Another thing that is different is the food choices there is district meal and commons. The commons is like the cafeteria. Then the district meal is the regular meal the commons meal is the meal for Lineville. One more thing, when you are at Lineville you can go up to get more food if

you want.


In Lineville seating is also different. For starters you can sit any where you want. I sit with people from a different house. Then there are eight to a table. Another thing is that you have a silo, you silo is the houses you eat with. You eat with 2 to 3 other houses. That is a little bit of what goes on at lunch.


Do you like doing music? Well this year you get to pick what to play! There are 3 different choices for you to pick from. Orchestra, band, and choice!

Band: when you first you get in to class you set up your instrument. Then you start to warm up. Then Mrs. or Mr. Zipperer will say some announcements and then you start to play.


Orchestra is very much like band. First you set up your instrument. Then after you are all set up you go and get your viola, violin, or, chello set up you go and get it tuned. After that you get about 5-10 minutes to practice. Then last the whole group plays all together.


Do you like singing? Well then choice is just for you! All you do is sing. The teacher is mrs. Dolger. You always need your iPad. That is a little about choice.


I hope you learned a lot! Thanks for reading! Good luck next year! Ok you can go now!