April Showers Bring May Trainings

Trunks' Up in April

Did I Say Training???

Regional Staff Training also known as RST is basically right around the corner and I am so excited to meet all of you! I will be attending the trainings in Atlanta (May 13 &14), Houston (May 20 & 21), and Boston (May 27 & 28) this year! (Sorry other location attendees, I will be missing you!)

  • Please be sure to RSVP, all staff will receive this email after completing your paperwork!
  • Training reimbursement- if you are traveling from afar, look at flights now to get them at the cheapest. My favorite site is SkyScanner. Make sure to send me your Reimbursement Forms once you book so we can get them processed and out of the way!


Jade for already submitting her reimbursements!!

*note you do not get reimbursed until after completing training

Staff Corner Has Launched!

This is not a drill. Run don't walk to staff.idtech.com to check out the resources we have waiting for you to utilize. Please Please Please check out your curriculum!!!! It is incredibly helpful to review the materials before training and even more so before you start camp. You'll hear it from me, you'll hear it from other managers, you'll hear it from returners. Starting early will make for a successful summer!

Also on Staff Corner:

Forums- Interact with other staff members at your location and those teaching your courses at other campuses.

Schedules- Get an idea of what your summer will look like.

Safety- This is a must read for management staff, curl up with an iced coffee and review all of our protocols.

Compliance Reminders

CPR/First Aid Certification

If you haven't done so, please sign up for a course with the American Heart Association or American Red Cross in your area soon. This certification is due May 1st!

Promo code to save on American Red Cross Courses- SPRINGTIME

Shout outs to all staff who have already completed and submitted this certification!

Jackson B, Nicole B, Rene B, Daniel C, Elishama D, Danielle D, Victoria G, Kristie H, Jared H, Devonte J, Muniba K, Nick L, Cain L, Sharlene M, Jorge M, Tyler R, Gio R, Tanya S, Jessica S, Kelly T, Brittany W


All new staff working in Florida this summer, a couple of updates on the LSRPs that may be a bit confusing.

1. Address - Please use iD Tech's Main Office address (Listed Below) when filling out your fingerprinting registration.

910 E. Hamilton Ave

Suite 300

Campbell, CA, 95008

The earlier you get this in the better, our compliance team has to manually check EVERYONE'S paperwork, let's help them out and get it done ASAP. Also, that is the final check to get you cleared for scheduling. Scheduling = work = money... aka Paperwork = Money. See what I did there!