BY Branden Verge


The distance from NEPTUNE from the SUN is 4,497,070 miles. The number of moons NEPTUNE has is 13 moons. NEPTUNE is the last planet from the Sun. One year on NEPTUNE equals 6 years on EARTH. One day on NEPTUNE equals 19 hours and no minutes on EARTH. NEPTUNE is one of the four gas giants. NEPTUNE is made up of gases

Planet Research Information

NEPTUNE was named after the Roman God of seas. The temperature on NEPTUNE is VERY VERY COLD, an the weather is VERY WINDY. NEPTUNE is the fourth largest planet out of the eight planets. The color of NEPTUNE is different colors of blue. NEPTUNE does have clouds an atmoshere an the atmoshere is made of hydrogen, helium, an methane. On NEPTUNE the clouds often change shapes. NEPUNE has no real solid surfaces.

Neptune is really cold!