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This newsletter will be sent out every other week listing news and upcoming events at Klinger Middle School. We will also share photos of students, staff, and events to highlight the many great things that happen at Klinger throughout the year. We hope that this newsletter will give our families and community members better insight into the outstanding education that happens at Klinger! Enjoy reading!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Klinger Middle School, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for you and the joy every child brings to us on a daily basis. Thank you!
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Our Current Educational Model

Schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

When we return from Thanksgiving break we will continue following the schedule below on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Classes will include synchronous and asynchronous times, allowing students who are at home to have screen break times during each class period.

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Schedule for Wednesday:

We will continue the same schedule that we have been using on Wednesdays. There will be synchronous classes in the morning from 8:00 until 12:15, an hour for lunch, and then asynchronous time in the afternoon from 1:15 until 3:15.

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Winter Concert Update from our Music Department

The music students are making a lot of music in school, and we are excited to share this work with all of our families and the Klinger community. Due to some of the limitations we currently have in place, traditional winter concerts are not feasible at this time. Each performing group is currently working on concert music, and all students have the opportunity to submit their work to be included in our presentation. If you have a child in band, chorus, or orchestra, we hope you have been encouraging them to practice and submit videos for our presentation. We are very proud of the hard work of our music students and we look forward to sharing this great work with all of you later on this winter.

Monday, December 7- Early Dismissal/In-Service

School Board Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 7-8pm

Swan Way

Warminster, PA

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Hello Klinger families,

Please read the following information in preparation for our Winter sports season.

The Winter sports season has been put on hold for now. We will keep you posted of any and all updates.


Winter Sports began on Thursday, November 5. Winter sports include:

  • Girls Basketball: November 5 - December 21.

  • Boys Basketball: Tentative start date of January 4.

  • Wrestling is canceled for the 2020 Winter season.

  • Cheerleading (Continuation from the Fall season)

Necessary Paperwork:

  • Prior to attending the first tryout, practice, or game, all students need the following:

    • Covid Participation Waiver

    • Physical: If you played in the Fall, you don't need to get a new one. If you did not play in the Fall, even if you had the physical done in September or October, you need the new one completed. PIAA Physical

    • Concussion Test

      • If you have already completed these forms for Fall sports, you do not need to complete them again.


  • Practices will run from 3:00-4:15 for all sports.

  • Virtual (and hybrid students on virtual days) should arrive at school between 2:50-3:00. There will be no busing for these students.

Safety Precautions:

  • Students must wear a mask until stepping onto the gym floor.

  • Students must wear a mask after practice/games before returning to the bus/cars after practice/games.

  • Coaches will be spraying equipment after use.

  • Students must bring their own water bottles; sharing will not be permitted. Bring more water than you think you need!

  • Students with any symptoms (listed at the bottom of this document) may not attend. If you or your child check ANY of the symptoms listed on the health checks below, he/she may not participate. If a student has symptoms at the field, he/she will be separated from the other students, and a parent/guardian will be contacted for pick-up.

  • Each practice or game day, students or their parents MUST complete the daily health check form by 1:00 p.m. IF THE FORM IS NOT COMPLETED, THE STUDENT MAY NOT PARTICIPATE. (Please do not fill out this form today).

  • Upon arrival to Klinger (or away games), all student-athletes will be asked if they have any symptoms if they have completed their daily health check form and will have their temperature checked.

Symptoms that will exclude students:

Fever(100.4 or higher) or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


  • The school board will be voting on the allowance of spectators at Winter sports on 11/24/2020.


  • Once rosters are complete, coaches will provide information regarding practices as well as how to access Canvas and the “Remind App.” These will be the primary methods of communication.

  • Cancellations of games and practices will also be shared via Canvas and the “Remind App.”

As an added note: Many school districts around the state are not offering sports, especially at the middle school level. While some of these guidelines may seem too restrictive or overly-cautious, this is what we must do if we want our children to play. If guidelines are not followed, ie. masks, health checks, staying home when sick, and limited spectators, the athletic season will be canceled. We appreciate your support and cooperation. Our goal is to provide our students with activities to enhance their school experience, but we will only do so if this can occur safely and within the parameters, we have established.

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Hayes, Mr. Ford, and Mr. Jones

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The Klinger Spirit Wear Store is now open. Please check out our selection of Klinger gear by clicking on the below Kampus Klothes link. Thank you!

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KL- Home & School Meeting

Monday, Dec. 21st, 6:30-7:30pm

This is an online event.

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Many new COVID 19 restrictions have been put in place. One major change that is important to notice is that if you travel out of state, you need to quarantine for 14 days upon your return.

Click here for more information on travel quarantines.

For more information on testing, click here.

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The Great American Smokeout is quickly approaching!

These days, cigarette smoking in teens is declining. However, there is a new hazard that our students may be introduced to. Vaping, Juuling, and other forms of E-cigarettes are on the rise. They boast flavor, fun and have many flashy devices that appeal to younger users. These devices can be used to inhale nicotine, as well as other dangerous substances. The scary part? Many of the devices look like ordinary things such as Sharpie markers, USB drives, even fun keychains!

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Family Trips Scheduled During the School Year

Family Trips Scheduled During the School Year

Although the scheduling of family trips during the instructional year is not encouraged, the Centennial School Board recognizes that students may benefit educationally by accompanying their parent(s)/guardian(s) on trips. Principals are permitted to approve up to five (5) days for students. Any trip beyond five (5) days will need the approval of the Superintendent.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who are requesting approval for a family trip need to complete and submit the attached form to their building principal at least two (2) weeks before the trip.

Family Trip Request Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your building principal.


Centennial School District Administration

Please visit the below site for more information.


Canvas Guide for Parents

Please click on the below link which will take you to a step by step guide that has been made for parents to help you with Canvas.

E-Mailing Attendance Notes

In response to parent suggestions, last year the district began accepting absence notes electronically. While you may certainly continue to submit written notes, parents are encouraged to submit absence notes via e-mail.

Below you will find some details.

Please know you will still receive automated phone calls

on the days your child is absent from school.

Please use this email: KLAttendance@centennialsd.org

to report your child absent from Klinger.

E-Mailing Attendance Notes

  • Parents with children in Klinger may e-mail attendance notifications/notes to the following address: KLAttendance@centennialsd.org
  • E-mail notifications are encouraged on the morning of the absence day. However, e-mailed absence notes may be sent on the day following the absence.

  • When sending an absence notification please include the following information:

Child's Name

Child's Grade

Date(s) of Absence

Reason for Absence

Contact Phone # for Parent/Guardian

Other Pertinent Information

  • While you may still continue to call the school on the day of absence, a follow-up e-mail or a written note is still required for the absence to be excused.

Chromebook Chargers

Please make sure students charge their Chromebooks when they get to 15%. Please do not wait until they get down to zero.

If they need a replacement charger, they can buy them from our tech department or go on Amazon.

Chromebook tip: Charge the Chromebook before your student goes to bed. A full battery will last your student all day.

Chromebook Guidelines

The following are general guidelines to care for your HP Chromebook.

Charging (This is the MOST Important!)

The Chromebook’s display is a sensitive component. If you drop your Chromebook,

slam the lid shut, and/or expose it to excessive pressure or weight, it may crack. Make sure

you don't have anything between the screen and keyboard as you close the case.

Don't place items on top of your Chromebook as the weight can cause damage to the

screen. Always keep magnetic devices away from your Chromebook.

Always close the Chromebook lid prior to moving it.

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