The Roar

By Caden Bogan

Character analysis

Mika Smith is a kid who loves to play games at the arcade. His sister was just kidnapped and everyone thinks that Mika is crazy because he believes that his sister is still alive after the police told them that she died. Mika may discover that the key to finding out if his sister is alive and maybe save her is to win a competition of the game he loves so much.


A man named Mal Gorman wants to kidnap mutant kids to create an army, he kidnaps Ellie (Mika's Sister) and trains her in the use of hand to hand combat, weaponry, and he also gives her the power to move things with her mind. Mika believes that Ellie is still alive and he wants to find out the truth.

The setting

This book takes place in futuristic London where humans and animals are separate because of the plague. They have also split the rich and the poor, the rich people own all of the companies that the poor work for.

The Author

The Author of The Roar is Emma Clayton.


Ellie was taken from her family at a very young age and was trained all the way up to age 12. She was raised at a space station where she never saw her family. Ever since Ellie went missing her brother has been a mess. Some people think that Mika is crazy because he believes that his sister is still alive. Mika is determined to find his sister even if he dies in the end, but it seems that a clue to finding his sister will be given to him if he can beat everyone at his favorite arcade game.