-Media Literacy-Final Project

By: Stephanie Cremeans

Internet Privacy

1.) Disadvantages
  1. Geo-tagging: When you upload a photo to a social media site from your smartphone, it will reveal where you're posting it from (location) from via geo-tagging.
  2. Personal Information: For example, if you have a photo it could reveal many things. Like where the picture was taken (location).


  1. Worldwide Connectivity: There are many ways of finding different information and a big one is finding romance, seeking a job, locating assistance, and also getting and receiving products.
  2. Free Advertising: If you're an organization who needs to get the word out about your company or business; the best way is to give your message in front of million of people.

2.) Personal Information that should be kept private online

  1. Age and gender
  2. Interests
  3. Location

3.) Negative Message

Writing a negative message about someone can always ruin their reputation in some kind of way. Lets say you brought up their bad past and they've changed sense, bringing it back up can always cause problems for the future.

Cyber Bullying

1.) Definition & Example

The use of and electronic communication to bully a person by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening sort. An example would be to scream or threaten a kid that goes to my school on Instagram.

2.) How's it start?

Cyber bullying starts by someone getting on social media and feeling powerful enough make another human feel bad, making them feel good.

3.) The Victim

If you are the victim of cyber bullying you can always ignore them, block or even report them to a superior person in power.

Persuasive Advertising

  1. Similarities between these two advertisements, is that they are trying to create business and bring in customers for their products.
  2. The message for the Papa Johns ad is to tell people that their products is better, and for the highlighter they are saying their highlighter is brighter and better than others.
  3. The audience is trying to target people who like pizza and people who like/need bright highlighters.

Body Image & The Media

  1. If the photography company photo shops a picture of a women after giving birth is completely unethical and wrong because they are giving the wrong impression of someone just to sell their personal products.
  2. The effect the media has on stereotypes are wrong in so many ways. You shouldn't tell anyone to "man up", if they aren't the best they can be. It could possibly make someone feel worthless.

Violence In The Media


I would have to agree on this statement because if you see someone or something else do something, then they could also do that same thing. Everyone is possible of committing a crime.

Media Usage

  1. Every time I get grounded, I feel worthless without my electronics. The one app I always think about is Kik, that is only because I have many friends who come to me for help (mental) and I feel as if I'm not there to help I'm not a good friend. This plays a dangerous role in my life because if you think about it, it's taking over your life.
  2. I feel like many teen feel like they should feel pressured to reveal themselves in a certain way online to "fit in" to a group. Some kids feel as if they're not good enough. I feel like the pressure is the same but people make girls seem more important because of girls going through "periods", etc.