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Rules Of Engagement Ring

When you propose to the love of your life, the obvious discussion that follows is choosing the wedding ring. For those who love traditions, the idea of heart engagement rings is so enticing. Else you can also try the emerald cut engagement rings. However, irrespective of the shape you choose, the engagement ring is the most special gift that you will give your partner. So, even if it takes a little extra time to finalize the right piece, don’t hesitate because the choice will matter the most!

Now that you are convinced about the importance of the engagement rules let’s take a look at the 7 golden rules that you need to keep in mind before you choose the beloved band for your life partner:

Shape comes first

Today, there are millions of choices when it comes to wedding rings. There are plain bands for those who like to keep it simple and of course the ornamental decoration for people who like to flaunt their style. Also, the shape of the stone that your future fiancée will like is something you should be able to guess. The shape comes before you start working on the cut, clarity, color and carat so better pay attention to the details.

Spy on her style

Ideally, if you are in love with her, you will have guessed her fashion preferences. But, if it’s an arranged marriage, this type of understanding may or may not be there. If it’s not existent, we would recommend you to spy on her style. A little sneak-peek will help you understand what she likes and dislikes. This insight comes in handy to choose the right ring.

Buy stones first

Those who are good jewelers may not be able to provide the right stones. Therefore, we would recommend you to buy the stones from a separate dealer. Also, when you are looking at loose diamonds, you get more options to choose from.

Check certifications

When you are buying stones like diamonds or rubies, always check for certifications. For instance, the diamond stones that you have, could be fake and if you have to challenge the purchase in future, you need a certificate to validate the quality. Even when you are buying the ring, ensure that you get the certification from the jeweler. This is like the proof that validates the authenticity of your purchase. Basically remember to take what you buy in writing.

Start well in advance

Don’t leave the wedding ring shopping to the last minute. If you want things to work out in your favor, better set aside a time and budget for the wedding ring shopping at the start of the wedding organisation. Shopping for a wedding ring becomes easier once you know the details but until you figure that out, you are pretty much clueless and need to invest paramount efforts in searching.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant cut is the most popular variation of diamonds. It gives the stone maximum shine and it can also easily hide any natural flaws of the diamond. It can withstand rough use as well without getting damaged.

Valentin Magro

Round cuts and its predecessors have been around from the 17th century. The name of this cut comes from the particular cut performed on the diamond which gives it the maximum brilliance and reflection quotient.