Tuesday Tech Tips

October 21, 2014

In this issue: Infuse Learning, Electronic Bingo Baker, Time Test App, Audio QR Codes, Kahoot, and Clearly.

Upcoming School Visit Dates

Lakers - October 21

Bad Axe - October 22

Ubly - October 24 (a.m. only)

North Huron - October 29

Bad Axe - November 5

Owen-Gage - November 10

I am constantly scheduling schools for full/half day visits. During these visits, I can sit down with individual teachers or a group of teachers at times convenient for you. This could be prep time or I could sit in on a lesson in your classroom. Being there would allow me to give you suggestions and tips to better use technology with your students. Either way, I look forward assisting you.

Infuse Learning

Infuse Learning is a POWERFUL free tool used to formatively assess students through their mobile device or computer. Teachers are able to send out seven different types of "Quick Assessments" to get student feedback. These assessments are: draw response, true/false, multiple choice, sort in order, open ended text answer, numeric, and a likert scale. All student responses will show up on the teacher computer or iPad with the student names, answers, and length of time it took to respond. Quick assessments do not have to be made in advance, rather, the teacher asks the question on the fly, and students use their device to respond. There is no preparation for teachers to use this tool daily!

Infuse Learning also has the ability for teachers to create planned quizzes, including the same seven types of assessment questions. Quiz creation also allows for the correct answers to be put in which will give students and teachers instant results. The results can be downloaded in an Excel file.

Try this - Use the "draw response" feature to have all your students' work displayed on your projector or teacher computer. This will allow teachers to quickly see where mistakes are being made. Excellent for any level of math class.

Head to http://www.infuselearning.com/ to create your free account today. Create a class or use "Open Enrollment" to get your students connected. Students will click on "Student Login" and will enter the Room ID number (they will never need a login username, just the Room ID number located at the top left of the webpage).

Bingo Baker

Bingo Baker - Create bingo games and play them on any mobile device or computer, or you may play the traditional way and print off your cards. To play online, create your own card or use previously made cards. Give students the URL link to your game (which is listed to the right of your bingo board), and each board will be unique for each device. Instead of bingo chips, students need to tap on any square they have won.

See a practice game here

Time Test App

Here is probably one of the best timed test apps out there. It is a 99 cent app but comes with so much customization. This app allows for creating 30 plus student users on one iPad, reviewing past tests for each user, changing the setup of each test (choosing the operation, the range of numbers, the number of problems, the timer, instant feedback sounds, and allowing to email the results when finished). This would be a great app to track student growth and provide documentation of ability.

There is also a free app similar to this, but the free version only includes addition.

Text to Voice QR Code Maker

Here is a great QR tool great for all ages. QR Voice allows you to enter words or sentences into a text box which will then spit out a QR code. When the code is scanned, it will be read off in an audio version. Not only does it read it for you, but you can choose your text to be read in one of 40 different languages. There is a limit of 100 characters per code when creating these.

Scan the QR code for an example of how this tool works.


Get your whole class engaged with this game-based student response system using devices connected to the internet. Create quizzes, discussions, and surveys, or browse through almost half a million public made games. To use Kahoot, create a free account and find/create a game to play. Once a lesson is ready, it can be launched which will give out a five digit pin students need to log in. Once students are logged in, they will be prompted to put in their name. If it is inappropriate, you may boot them from the game, and their device screen will turn red so you can see who the culprit is. They may still join the game, but at least students know they cannot get away with inappropriate behavior. When gameplay starts, students will need to view the teacher's projected computer for the question, and then look to their device for the answer. Students get points for speed and accuracy of questions and, after each question, there will be a display of the leaders points. This is a great way to engage your whole class and create a competitive enviroment.

Create a teacher account at https://getkahoot.com/register/

Students will log into games you start at kahoot.it

Clearly - Assistive Technology Tool

Clearly is an extension (similar to an app) that runs off of your Google Chrome web browser. You will need a Google account and signed into Chrome to work this tool. Clearly takes a web page and cuts it down into its basic form. No advertisements, pop-ups, pictures, or garbage will be displayed while your students are reading an article. The only thing displayed on the webpage is the text from the article being read. Users have the ability to change the font size and background color for easier reading. Articles are also able to be synced to your Evernote account for offline reading at a later time.

To install Clearly, watch this screencast, or complete the steps below.

1) Have a Google account and go to the Chrome Web Store.

2) Search for "Clearly" and click the blue "Free" tab.

3) This will install an extension icon on the top right of your browser.

4) Find an article to read on the web and click on the Clearly extension icon. You should now have a clean version of the article.

Using Clearly