13 Reasons Why

Character Analysis


Hannah Baker: Hannah was new to high school and to the community and didn't know anyone. Her consular that helped her with knowing her way around school helped her meet new people and she became very well known around school. Many people made things up about Hannah when she had her first kiss with Justin Foley which gave her a reputation that wasn't true. When she got sick of all the things people said and did, Hannah committed suicide, but before she did, she made tapes about who she believes led her to kill herself.

Clay Jensen: Clay is the nararater of this novel. He was in the tapes but not in a bad way. He was in love with Hannah and never had the courage to really get to know her. They worked at the same movie theater and he always got irritated when she flirted with someone or if someone flirted with her. At a party he and Hannah got to talk and really know each other and they even kissed, but after that night neither he nor Hannah had the courage to talk to each other.

Justin Foley: Justin was the reason rumors started about Hannah and when her false reputation went around. He was Hannah’s first crush and her first kiss. Justin started telling people a false thing that really happened between him and Hannah and that’s when the bad things started. Justin was in two parts of the book he was a the party Hannah and Clay really got to know eachother at. At the party Justin watched and allowed his friend to take advantage of a girl who was drunk and unconcious.

Zach Dempsey: Zach was the one who took Hannah’s only way to bring confidence to herself. He would take the notes Hannah wrote from her book bags just because he was snoopy and always wanting to know things. Hannah didn't really like Zach and she knew what he was doing with her notes because she watched him do it. She even saw him read it and how emmbaresseed he looked when he realized she saw him, but he never said a word.

Alex Standall: Alex was one of the people Hannah first met when she moved to her new school. Hannah always wondered whether he liked her or her other friend Jessica. Well she soon found out it was Jessica and when they didn’t work out he created a list and pasted it around the classroom on who he thinks and who others think is hot or not. This got Hannah mad and it brought a lot of tension between her and Jessica when she was on the hot side and Jessica on the not.

Jessica Davis: Jessica was Hannah’s ultimate best friend. She was introduced to Hannah by the consular and was pretty much very close to each other. They both trusted each other completely until rumors and Hannah’s reputation came out, she decided that she didn’t want to be close friends with her anymore.

Mr.Porter: Mr. Porter was Hannah’s English teacher and also a consular. When Hannah was thinking about suicide she put it on a paper on thing they should discuss in class, suicide. No one knew it was Hannah who wrote it, but a lot of people were concerned. Eventually Hannah told Mr. Porter about her thoughts. She didn’t say exactly I’m thinking about suicide but she gave him hints that are the most obvious signs possible. Mr. Porter didn’t realize it like he should have and didn’t give Hannah what she wanted to hear that could have prevented her death.

Tyler Down: Tyler was probably the grossest character in this novel. He would go around outside Hannah’s window taking pictures of what Hannah does in her room. Hannah eventually caught it and the clicking outside her window stopped.

Courtney Crimsen: Courtney helped Hannah get back at Tyler. They pretended like there was something bad in her drawers to notice the reaction on Tyler. It worked and Tyler never came back, but Courtney wasn’t who Hannah thought she was. She went around starting the rumor that Hannah actually had something in her drawer. That got Hannah made. She also used Hannah when she needed a ride to a party and left her hanging.

Marcus Cooley: Marcus was Hannah’s valentine set up in the Oh My Dollar Valentine cheer camp fundraiser. He invited Hannah to Rosie's and tried to take advantage of Hannah, but she didn’t let him and made him leave her alone.

Ryan Shaver: Ryan always finds things and takes a copy of them for himself. He and Hannah were in the same poem class and they shared all there poems with each other. Ryan liked one of Hannah's poems that happened to be about what she has been thinking about lately, dyeing. He took a copy of it and let other people read it. Many wanted to know the meaning of the poem, but only Ryan seemed to really know it.

Jenny Kurtz: Jenny was the one who offered to give Hannah a ride home from a party that Hannah had to witness a girls life get ruined and have Clay slowly disappear from her. Jenny was driving when all of a sudden she hit a stop sign that fell and she didn’t do anything about it. Hannah wanted to but she couldn’t. She didn’t have a phone and she didn’t want to go back to the party. Later that night, someone delivery pizza and another going the other was the pizza man was going, and because there wasn’t a stop sign that night they had an accident and both died because there wasn’t a stop sign because of Jenny.

Bryce Walker: Bryce and Hannah got together after a party Hannah didn’t even bother to attend, but she was walking and saw Bryce and Courtney in the hot tub and was invited in. She joined them even though she knew she shouldn’t have. When Courtney left them Bryce wanted Hannah because of her reputation like every other guy did and Hannah didn’t stop him she was attracted to him and let her reputation catch up to her and they made out.