Idina Menzel

She is " Defying gravity" and " brave " by:madeline knau

She just a started as a "wicked" actress.

when Idina kim mentzel was in the 5th grade she played dorothy in the school production of the wizard of oz.and that was when She decided to become an actress. And in the year of 1993 Idina went to college for the degree in drama. She audition for the role of Elphaba in “wicked" and got in in the year 2005. Later she went on played Maureen in Rent the movie in the same year of Wicked

Albums,movies, Songs, and more!

Idina menzel in the year 2008 Idina menzel published a song called brave. She has made seven albums. her latest is Holiday wishes with came out last year ( 2014 ).Also last year she published an album called snow wishes. She's even been in movies such as Rent, Frozen,Enchanted, and the tollbooth. She has performed in musicals such as Fame: the musical, wicked, and Rent.

Did you know?

During the matinee performance of Wicked. She had Fallen into the trap door as a result to cracking a rib. Her Standby ( Shoshana Bean ) took her place while she was out. During the last performance in the end Idina came out in a out-of-costume appearance to sing the last song in wicked. Also Idina's real name is Idina Kim mentzel. She decided to take the T off in her last name because no one knew how to pronounce it correctly.
Idina Menzel - Brave (Video)