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Vanakkam chennai movie bottomline

An uptown girl in a small town boy and what happens when worlds collide ? Of course love is a fairy tale, and that's strictly speaking Canadians cinema. His debut director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi Hello Chennai with sweet and sour at the top of this story plays out. Good story, right down to Chennai future ( in this case London mapillai, excitably played by Rahul Ravindran ) rule can often predict. Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi puts some thought it was refreshing, but it's an emotional being. A young unmarried couple living together is really commendable thing in her presentation.

Kiruthiga can be proud of its debut ! Ajay ( Shiva ) and Anjali ( Priya Anand ) in the first half of tomorrow with the Trots stirs up many laughs and visitors with the option of one-upmanship that saves vanakkam chennai songs the trouble of thinking about the progress of the story. But in the second half, despite the scandalous film, and plays out like a drama. The running time of 2 hours 31 minutes long stretches and rosy picture of Aunt, so say vanakkam chennai songs goodbye to Hello Madras takes its own time. However, dramatic improvements in the second half, he 's not just a pretty face with an accent and uses the opportunity to show eagerness and Priya Anand provides emotional scenes. A meaty role as the London based actress and makes the most of natural.

Shiva, on the other hand, the pawn broker Kishan in his head, committed while he was on a plane to his accident illustrates the scenes, such as when he himself could have those moments, but he's so beautiful outside vanakkam chennai songs his comfort zone jumps and vanakkam chennai songs an endearing love shoes, small town boy attacked a filling. Anirudh Salve in the center of Chennai music and his music was greeted with cheers. His music is a big opening for the film, given his background adds richness to the overall movie watching experience. ' Osaka ' and ' girl ' hallucinations do this, especially in the rural areas of the screen to the sight of the former and the latter capturing beautiful landscapes, beautifully translated to the screen. Richard M.

Suresh Nathan camera gracefully indoors and outdoors pieced together the soothing views of the author are moving as a result. Set design and art-work are vanakkam chennai songs the most cuvaimikkat. Overall, the film leaves you satisfied, music, visuals, and it is a worthy watch comedy moments with the jolly good enough.

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