Backpack Survival Items

How they can save your life

Not Just a Twitter Machine

A Cell phone will probability be the most important thing in your survival arsenal. It can be use to call for help or be a tracker when help is searching for you. It is important to note most phones are not water proof so you need to buy a waterproof protection bag or a life/waterproof case.

I Need a Weapon

In your bag there should be a weapon to hunt or defend your self. Out of all the items that will be listed this one might be a bit harder to keep close. Airport detectors who check bag will spot this and flag your luggage. If you know weapons are not allowed on the transportation you will be try to bring a print out of how to make a spear or knife. If your transport does allow you to bring small weapons i suggest a small flip knife.

I'm the Map

A map will be very useful for finding your location. Your phone may have a map itself but if it breaks you will need a back. It will clear your curiosity of where you are and what land masses you are next to.
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I Need a Medic

Your medication is very important in a survival scenario. Without some medications you would not be able to life more than a day. Even if you don't need medication it is important to have bandages, painkillers, and antioxidants.


Food and water are essential for basic human actives. It is important to bring nonperishable food like crackers. Water will be easy to pack just a reusable bottle filled with water. the bottle will be useful for collecting water for the future.

The Bag on your Back

The only thing left is your chose in bag. My suggestion is Is an easy to carry backpack that has just enough space to fit a few extra stuff. This bag needs to be waterproof too just like most of the Items listed on this poster.
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