Weller Weekly

October, 12th - 16th

What's up at Weller?

Monday (10-12)

  • Professional Work Day

Tuesday (10-13)

  • Happy Birthday Sherry Hughes
  • 2nd Quarter Begins
  • i-Mom's (8:00) Get here early for a parking spot!
  • Staff Meeting (3:50)

Wednesday (10-14)

  • ELP Tutoring in Computer Lab (3:35)

Thursday (10-15)

  • Dr. D out 8:00--10:00
  • Kindergarten Field Trip to Rutledge Farm (9-1)
  • Earthquake Drill (10:15)-Emergency Management and the news will be here.
  • ELP Tutoring in Computer Lab (3:35)

Friday (10-16)

  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration (9:00)
  • 1st Quarter Attendance Party (1:00-2:00 K-2 and 2:15-3:15 3-5 )

Mark your calendar...

Monday (10-19) - Grade Card Posting

Tuesday (10-20) - Limo Pizza Party for Super Saver Winners

Friday (10-23) - October Rocks 5:30-7:00

Gotta know it...

  • Please put a copy of your conference schedule in my box and in Robin's box.
  • You will need to watch the great Shakeout video for the Central U.S. with your kids before the earthquake drill on Thursday.
  • Our 1st Quarter attendance party on Friday will be for kids with 7 cards AND 95%+ attendance. We will give you a copy of your students who qualify and will pick-up your students a few minutes before the party's start time. We will be walking to Smith Park so all qualifying kids will need to return a permission slip to attend.

Essential question for October...How can I show SELF-CONTROL?

Please ask your students to write stories about time they showed self-control or draw pictures of showing self-control and put them in Linda's box. We will post them on the bulletin board by the gym.

Great Ones...

A Facebook "great" describing Weller...

Every school in America has teachers working for free on a daily basis. Go by any school parking lot early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or even at night or on weekends, and you will see them. No overtime, no bonuses or promotions on the line - just doing it for their students! Teachers are using their free time, and often investing their own money, for children's literacy, prosperity, and future.

This is YOU. You sacrifice for our kids. You come in on weekends to plan. You go to kids football games, attend family events, create special learning places, and make learning engaging and relevant. You are the great ones.

Sometimes we feel there are fewer and fewer minutes in the day to accomplish our work. A concern you voiced was for fewer meetings. In SPS, Tuesdays are staff meeting days until 5:00. I will work hard to keep our staff meetings relevant and limited to one hour. As a Title I school we have coaches to build our capacity. Weekly literacy/math meetings are an expectation. Nicole and Amanda plan 45 minutes of learning at team meetings each week to give you a few minutes at the end of the hour. We will continue with three literacy meetings and one math meeting each month to support Amanda's role as a half-time math specialist and half-time math coach. These two weekly meetings will drive us to learn together in the areas of literacy, math, data analysis, technology, and culture.

Great lunchroom behavior!

Painting at Weller