Thief for gold, rid Smaug of his reign

We need your help.

Smaug is a great beast who lives in the mountains. We are asking for a possible volunteer who would be willing to venture out into the wilderness with the goal of stealing the sacred gold from the dragon, Smaug and to return the bounty to the dwarves of yore. A small reward will be given to thee who shall volunteer for such an endeavor

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 8am

Smaug's Mountain

Prospects/ Directives

We will venture to Smaug's Mountain. The journey will take many days and nights. Once there, your job is to capture the beast and claim the entirety of his hoard, but beware, the danger does not end. The beast may attack without warning. It will be your job to kill it if possible.

We are the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Yore.

We represent one of the finest kingdoms of the ages. Since our beloved king Thor passed on, we have suffered deeply, yet we still remainn hopeful, that at such time our kingdom may reign once again.