Faculty Meeting

February 18, 2016


Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something crucial to human fulfillment.

Notification of Plans

1. Turn in to office as you receive

2. Remind parents to turn in

Bookkeeping Updates

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Professional Pathways for Teachers 2016/2017

1. Online Training

2. Timeline

3. Rubrics for Instructional Practice and Professional Development

Team Learning Goals

Professional Learning Symposium - May 19, 2016

Team Stations:

1. State specific learning goal.

2. Outline specific learning resources.

3. Progress toward goal.

4. Evaluation of learning.

5. Examples of application.

6. Questions for the future.

Individuals working together can produce more and achieve higher quality results than if they work independently on the same project with the same timeframe and same resource.

7 Structures of Best Practices

1. Gradual Release of Responsibility

2. Classroom Workshop

3. Strategic Thinking

4. Collaborative Activities

5. Integrative Units

6. Representing to Learn