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Recapping August 2015

Share the Opportunity

Hey Ladies,

With August behind us, let's get our parties booked for this holiday season fast approaching. You have all the potential to book your calendar full with this beautiful catalogue, And incredible monthly Specials. However look at the specials as the icing on the cake... Offer the great products in the catalogue as reason to book a party, not just the monthly specials.

Are you sharing the opportunity with everyone you know? Well no better time then now! During the Better Together Start Swell Incentive your new recruits can join between now and December and earn a bonus $100 if she sells $1000 in each Start Swell period. But if she joins in September she will also receive a bonus 10% commission on all her sales within her first 30 days! If you joined after June 2, you are not missing out. You will also be able to get this $100 bonus if you sell $1000 in PV each Start Swell Period also! So who need a little extra income before the holiday season... Everyone does! Ask open ended questions and get their mind rolling about how Thirty-One can benefit them! For more details go to the Better Together Opportunity Incentive page on

Don't miss a special webinar for new consultants who joined June 2-August 31 to learn more about the Better Together Start Swell Incentive-Space is limited reserve your spot here...

Key Dates:

Sept 1-30 Better Together Opportunity Incentive

Sept. 1-Dec 29 Better Together Start Swell Incentive

Sept 8 - Webinar for new Consultants who joined after June 2

Sept 9-16 Late Registration for 'Share Your Gifts' event (no fee)

Sept 9 - Better Together StartSwell Webinar

Sept 30 - Month End

Oct 1 - Leadership Incentive Trip earning begins

Oct 1 - Specials live

Oct 3-10 - 'Share Your Gifts' event

Keep an eye on our Team Facebook page, as I will keep you up to date with all the details when I get them... Team McD - Nothin' Stoppin' Us!

I'm here to help, email me anytime or call my home 519-638-5911, I text too, 519-766-5487

Megan McDougall

Thirty-One Gifts, Director


Our Stats This Month

Team Stats

Sales - $11,922.00

Recruits - 2

Members - 39

Parties - 24

Personal Volume


Shauna Salmon - $2,477.00

Melanie Tweddle - $1,517.00

Charlie Weber - $1,238.00

Crystal Cullen - $1,209.00


Katie Gilbert - $657.00

Rhonda Reid - $635.00

Leslie Robison - $522.00

Congrats to these ladies who also partied this month

Michelle Witzel, Carol Pritchard, Tara McKernin, Tashina Shawongonabe,

Congrats to these ladies who entered orders this month

Ruth Lamoureux, Marion Russell, Kyla Dowdy, Ryandel Wright, Katie Carscadden, Christine Sullivan

Top Parties:

Shauna Salmon - 4

Dream Builders:

Melanie Tweddle - 1 recruit

Steacy denHaan - 1 recruit

Welcome to the team:

Amy Petch, Meagan McKee

All About Your Director

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Thinking about Leadership? Let's Chat, I can help you get there.

Your Director's Stats

Personal Volume - $1,993.00

Parties - 5

Recruits - 0

Leadership in Mind?

Based on a personal volume of $1000 a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $250.

Based on our team stats for July, and my personal volume a Director would earn $855.91