Mary G Porter Traditional School

Open House: June 5, 2015

By: Amiel Pasacsac

Backround of Porter

Porter is both a n elementary and middle school. Teaching grades 1st through 8th grade. The students wear uniforms, that define the school. Porter has been school of excellence for eight straight years now, and there will be more years to come. The technology at porter is very advanced, there are chromebooks, ipads, and imacs in classrooms to make learning more technology based. Students Are proud to be members of the porter family.

Application Process

First you go to Porter. Then you fill out forms and documents. Next you sign up for a test. Then you write an essay saying why you want to go to porter. Finally you ether get in, or get on a waiting list. If the school calls you while on the waiting list, then you get into the school.

Why Porter?

Porter has many extracurricular activities and clubs to offer. Some start before school some are during classes, and some are after school. Porter has many sports teams, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and baseball. All provide a way for students to have fun during the school year.

Daily LIfe of a Middle School Student

Most students take the bus to school, while some students carpool with their parents. 8th graders get off the buses early to go to boot camp, where they stretch and play before class start. School starts at 8:50am, all students are in their respected classrooms at that time. At 11:20am classes start going to lunch, and after luch they go to their encore classes. Encore classes are determined by what day it is, day 1, 2 or 3. Afrer encore students mIddle school students cycle through classes depending on their scedules. Students have five classes, math, science, language arts, social studiesm and spanish. Finally at 3:30pm students are dismissed from school and go back home.