The Weekly Griffin

September 29th - #BuildingABetterGriffin #LevelUP

Perfect! 2019 SC PASS

Last spring, 7 of our students scored PERFECT on at least one section of the SCPASS (Science or Social Studies). This, obviously, deserves to be celebrated as it is a tremendous honor. The students pictured below include those who are currently in 5th grade. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • 5th Grade (Science): Nicholas Arzt, Grayson Champion-Wescott, Benjamin Cowden, Jeremiah Eller, Kellett King, Jackson Multer (not pictured), & Julian Osorio.

What's Ahead...

  • September 30 - Last Day of the Middle School Fundraiser
  • September 30 - Middle School Spirit Night @ Big Air, 3:00-9:00pm
  • October 2 - Walk/Bike to School; 7:15am at playground/gazebo area of Heritage Apts.
  • October 2 - Deadline to reapply for Free/Reduced Meals (See Below)
  • October 11 - School Spirit Day (wear Sterling Shirt or School colors)

Walk/Bike to School is WEDNESDAY!

Parents/Students/Community Leaders, join us for International Walk/Bike to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd. We will meet at the playground/gazebo area at Heritage Apartments at 7:15 a.m (behind the school). Our Sterling School band will lead us in our walk. Greenville City Police will also join us to ensure safety and oversee traffic. Please see the following press release (CLICK HERE!) for more details. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

A Final Note: Attendance Awareness Month

Here's something to think about... Our current daily attendance rate, after 6 weeks of school, is 98.44%. While this sounds great, approximately 12 of our "Griffins" are absent each school day. If this number is multiplied by the 28 days we've been in school, 336 of our students have missed a day of school so far this year. #BuildingABetterGriffin

September is Attendance Awareness Month. All this month, we've shared the importance of school attendance. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves, creating a greater opportunity for students to establish a sense of belonging. We miss our student when they are absent and we value their contributions to our school. We also need our parents' help with this; working together, we can ensure that our students reach their full potential. If your student is absent, please send medical documentation, parent note, or other documentation within two days of returning to school so that the absence may be excused. All other information regarding attendance and consequences of truancy may be found in the parent-student handbook. Consistent attendance will help our students do well in high school, college, work, and life. #WholeChild

2019 Veterans Day Program

On Friday, November 8th, the Sterling School will honor those who have fought for the many freedoms we, as American citizens, have today. We will have two programs. Our K-3rd grade program will begin at 8:30am and the 4th-8th grade program will begin at 9:30am. We invite all veterans in our Sterling family to join us as honored guests.

  • If a special guest is planning to attend, we ask that you RSVP by Fri., Nov. 1st (CLICK HERE!). As a special treat, please send in or email a picture of your honored guest (preferably in uniform), the name and relationship to our Sterling/CTC student, and the name of the military branch in which he or she served. (You'll find this request within the Google Form as well.)
  • Our PTA is planning a reception after each program for our veterans and their guests. Students of our veterans are invited to attend as well. If you would like to participate, please complete the same Google Form (CLICK HERE!).
  • We invite all students to wear red, white, and blue on the day of our program, Fri., Nov. 8th.

We look forward to this exciting day, as we pay tribute to those who have served our country. Thank you, in advance, for your willingness to participate!

Testing Event for Potential CTC Students

  • Registration due by noon on Tuesday, 10/22.
  • Download the CTC Testing Registration Form: (CLICK HERE!)

There are many inquiries about how students are chosen to attend the Charles Townes Center for highly gifted student, located within Sterling School. The criteria can be found on our website: (CLICK HERE!)

Many private schools in our area do not administer nationally-normed aptitude tests along with an achievement test. For that reason, on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, there will be an opportunity for students who reside in Greenville County and attend home or private schools to take an aptitude test. If your child has already taken an aptitude test or if his/her school administers this testing within the past two years, it is not necessary for your child to participate. You may just submit those test results to Jane Snyder via email.

Because candidates for CTC must first qualify as Gifted and Talented by SC Regulation 43-220, we will administer an aptitude test on Tuesday, October 29th. Upon reviewing data from this testing event, we will determine if other testing or information is necessary for your child.

Please print the Registration Form and send it to Jane Snyder via scan/email or fax: or 864-355-9042 by noon on Tuesday, October 22nd. Please return a form for each child that you wish to have tested. Students and parents will check in at the school office and assemble in the Media Center at Sterling School by 9:00 am on 10/29/18. Students will be tested in grade level groups. Please have each child bring 2 pencils for testing. Allow two and one-half hours for your child’s testing which includes breaks for them. If you feel that your child needs to have a snack for one of the breaks, please send it in an individual package. During the testing, parents may participate in a tour given by CTC personnel. There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions, too! If your child has already taken testing that could help them to qualify for CTC, please bring copies of those results to the testing event. These copies will not be returned to you.

For further information, you may contact Jane Snyder by email at way to communicate!) or by phone at 355-4821.

Big picture

ICYMI: In Case You Missed These #WholeChild Moments!

Perfect! 2019 SCReady

Last spring, 47 of our students scored PERFECT on at least one section of the SC Ready (ELA or Math). This accomplishment deserves to be celebrated and is a tremendous honor. The students pictured below include those who are currently in grades 4th-8th. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • 4th Grade: MATH: Isaac Banks, Amelia Bryant, Kale Davis, Henry Eglhofer (not pictured), Samuel Feldman, Mary Hazel Hinson, Zachary Holloway, Lauris Kukainis, Emerson Morris, Landon Prince, Logan Selfridge ELA: Lauris Kukainis, Jackson "Mac" Smith
  • 5th Grade: MATH: Darby Burdette, William Howard, Monet Mothersbaugh, Julian Osorio ELA: Darby Burdette, Marshall Crawford
  • 6th Grade: MATH: Joseph Dather, Jaren Mills, William Schumacher, Liao Liao Shi, Sashwath Sivaraman, James Strickland, Benjamin Webb, Adam Weekes, Gabriel Wood ELA: Charlotte Clark, Ryleigh Mason
  • 7th Grade: MATH: Abhinav Bogadapati, Harper Bright, Jack Garvin, Aedan Honohan, Julia Hoskins, Olivia Lu, Dylan Olsson
  • 8th Grade: MATH: Asher Brownlee, Atharva Shah ELA: Philip Buck, Hannah Kim
  • 9th Grade: MATH: Emma Bao, Nathan Collot, Garner Hart, Eleanor Shepard, Owen Taggart ELA: Maggie Austin

Next week, we'll celebrate our SC PASS Perfect Scorers!

From the SIC Chair, Julie Cain Cwynar

The SIC (School Improvement Council) is excited to welcome Kadieshia Smith (Kay) to the SIC as a Primary Grades parent representative! Kay is the proud mother of five children, two of whom attend Sterling School – K5 and 3rd. Our new Middle School representative is Niki Peters, and we welcome her continued participation in the SIC. Niki served as an ex-officio board member on the SIC last year while serving as the PTA President. We welcome YOUR ideas and thoughts too! As the SIC chairperson, I would be delighted to talk with parents, teachers and community members. Please reach out! My email is, and I can also be reached via text/phone at 412-215-9429. I look forward to hearing from you! Our next SIC meeting is Friday, October 4 at 8:30am. School families are welcome to attend.

THANK YOU to all of our SIC parent members for serving the Sterling/CTC school community! Kay Smith and RaKenya Lewers (PRIMARY), Crystal Andrews and Lance Feldman (INTERMEDIATE), Niki Peters and Julie Cain Cwynar (MIDDLE), and Sue Broder, Ashley Hefner, and Lisa Helsel (FACULTY)