Surviving East Middle school:)

East is the beast!!!!!!!

The things you need

The first thing you need for school are: plenty of pencils, paper, 1 binders. 2 composition - notebooks, and about 4 small binders as well. You also need a backpack to cary your stuff in the morning. The last thing is you can never go wrong with some new clothes. Along with some new shoes of course.

Things you need to know;)

The first thing you need to know is that there is an upper and lower floor. So when you get here you need to get ready to run up and down some sets of stairs. Since you are going to be in 6th grade you will be up stairs in the orange house. The second thing is that you have a schedule. So you have many different classes to go to. So you don't stay in one class room anymore so you will be active all day, every day. You also need to know that the grade levels are different also. There are 3 houses. So back to the grade levels 6th grade and 8th grade are on the top floor. 7th grade has the bottom floor. We all have different classes at different times.


The cool teachers

There are many 6th grade teachers of East middle school.

-Mrs.patten the reading teachers.

-Mrs.guiles the math teacher

-Mrs. low max.

-Mr. Newmen.

The english teacher and the 2nd math teacher.

And the social studies.