Death of Marilyn Monroe

Jessie Archer

Who , What, When, Where,and Why?

Marilyn Monroe's real name is Norma Jeane Mortenson. Marilyn died of a drug overdose on August 5, 1962. She was only thirty-six years old when she overdosed on some sleeping pills. She was found dead at her Los Angles home by her housekeeper; Eunice Murray and son Norman Jefferies. There has been speculations that she had been murdered by the Kennedys . There was rumors going on that she had been sleeping with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert around the time of her death.

Theory 1: She was Killed by Robert F. Kennedy and Ralph Greenson

The day before her body was found ,she was having an argument with Robert F. Kennedy about their affair. Marilyn threatened to stage a public conference and reveal her affairs with Robert and his brother John. What started this was Robert told Marilyn he didn't want to marry her and she refused to hand over the dairy that kept track of the affair. When , Marilyn stormed out RFK called Ralph Greenson and told him Marilyn was going to stage a public conference and reveal the affairs with him( Ralph). The two went her house with bodygaurds that shot her with an injection of Nembutal to calm her down, and then Kennedy threw her to the floor. They later shot her with a powerful enema that would further sedate her just right before her housekeeper arrived home.

Theory 2: She was the Victim of a Mafia Hit

Another theory is that one of the Kennedy brothers hired a Mafia to kill her. Sam Giancana was the mafia boss that was paid off by one of the Kennedy brothers. When RFK got into an argument with Marilyn at her house he left the door unlock to let in five hit men . The hit men sneaked up from behind and then slipped a chloroform-soaked washcloth over her face.

Theory 1

With this theory of the Kennedy brothers killing her is Marxist Criticism. Some people may think the reason the Kennedy killed her for knowing all these secrets about them. People could also think Marilyn was trying to get their money and the brothers weren't going to let that happen.

Theory 2

With this theory of the Mafia killing her can be seen as a Feminist Criticism. During, this time period women werent allowed to be rich and powerful. The men were the rich and powerful not the women. Its speculated she was trying to get to the bother's wealth.
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