The Red Baron

By: Anthony Alivo, and Chandler Solom

Manfred Von Richtofen

As many called him the "Red Baron" Manfred Von Richtofen was Germany's most famous fighter pilot in world war 1. As Britons called him the "Red Knight" because of his famous Red plane he shot down an estimated amount of 80 allied aircrafts.
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This is how the Red Baron's plane would have look like.


Born on May 2nd, 1892, Manfred was born in Wroclaw Poland. As a young boy, Manfred liked hunting, horseback riding, soccer, and he excelled at gymnastics. But his father who was in the military and was 1st Regiment of the Cuirassiers, wanted Manfred to be in the military just like all the rest of his family members. Although he didn't care for being in the military it was his father's wish and at the age of 11 he joined the Cadet Corps.

Military Career

When world war 1 began, Manfred served as a cavalry reconnaissance on both fronts of the war watching France, Russia, and Belgium. As Manfred was dismounted from the Regiment he was serving as a dispatch runner and field telephone operators. Bored and disappointed he found interest in the German air force. During June through August of 1915, Manfred was an observer in which the planes at the time were mainly used to spot out enemy lines. In the August of 1916 he joined a new squadron at the Somme and recorded his first "kill" on September 17.
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Self Portrait of Manfred Von Richthofen.

Richthofen Dog Fights

As Boelcke taught Manfred the right ways how to attack, people believed he was this daredevil pilot but Boelcke taught him the precise way and not to take risks. Typically he attacked by diving on enemy aircraft with the sun behind so he got better advantages. After his 16th victory he was awarded the highest honor in German military during WWI which was Pour le Mérite. In November of 1916, Manfred fought British ace Major Lanoe Hawker and after the long fight Richthofen won.

Richthofen Wounded and Death

On July 6, 1917. Richthofen was wounded with a serious head injury that gave him serious disorientation and partial blindness. It took many surgeries and operations to get out bone splinters in his head. On July 5, Richthofen returned to battle against doctors orders. While Richthofen was in Convalescent leave, German government wanted him to write his bibliography for propaganda. By 1918,he was such a legend that he German government was afraid of his death. But he kept his job in flying. At around 11:00 on April 21st of 1918. Richthofen was shot around the Somme river in which he took a shot to around the lungs and heart, and was killed.

The Death of The Red Baron

Sunday, April 21st 1918 at 11am

Vaux-sur-Somme, France

Vaux-sur-Somme, Picardy

It was on this date that the Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen, was shot down and killed.

Anthony's Reaction

While I was first researching about planes and what they were used for in WWI, I found an interesting pilot named Manfred Von Richthofen. While researching I felt bad that his family forced him into going into war and fight because of his family history. It was neat reading about his dog fights and how he took people down and trained. It's so tough to come back after such a bad injury that he took during one of his dog fights and was still able to take down enemy aircrafts and to take down 80 air crafts is ridiculous.

Chandler's Reaction

Even though the Red Baron was a German pilot, and was a traitor to his homeland country of Poland, I feel like many people thought of him as a heroic figure including me. To join the military partially against your will, become Germany's best pilot, and then return after a serious injury is just amazing to me. And Germany almost didn't want him fighting because he was a hero figure to them. But I don't think it was a good decision to leave the hospital so soon, and then get back into flying.
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