Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

by: hunter wisecup

Before the Attacks

On December 6, the US code breaking service began intercepting a 14-part Japanese message and were able to decode 13 parts of it. Sunday morning around 9 pm they decoded the last part of the message and they confirmed that the Japanese were planning an attack on Us soil. Around 10 am they received another message about what time the attacks are planned to happen and realized they were attacking Pearl Harbor due to the time. They sent out a commercial telegraph since radio contact is down with Hawaii. The message was delayed which caused the message to be delivered at noon, 4 hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, was happening.

The Attack

The first attack was at 6 am consisting of 183 Japanese planes. At 7:15 a second Japanese attack occurred consisting of 167 planes. The attacks targeted airfields,battleships,other ships,and shipyard facilities. They lasted until 9:45 am. 205 American equipment were lost and only 32 Japanese equipment was lost. 3,507 American people were killed and 1,178 were injured.

The Aftermath

On Monday December 8 the United States and Britain declare war on Japan and 3 days after Germany and Italy declare war on the United States.