Seeing Things in a New Way

A disabled woman achieves her goal of becoming a lawyer


Deanna Jones, a visually impaired woman with learning disabilities.


Deanna had big dreams as a child until at age 5 she was diagnosed with a disease that ruined her vision making her legally blind (almost blind). She had made it into a law school, and was preparing to graduate but she needed to take a hand written test.


Montpelier, Vermont


Deanna relies on a computer software that magnifies articles and text so that she can read it, but the test is on a piece of paper making things challenging.


March 2, 2013


Well the law school she went to requires the final test on a piece of paper and she cant read off of paper, so they had to go to court because the NCBE (the people giving the test) violated the Americans with Disabilities act. Once they figured out what had happened they were forced to give Deanna the test on her program but she was closely watched for cheating.

Connection and Prediction

I think she is going to be a successful lawyer and my mom works with kids that have similar disabilities in her classroom.