Landfroms,bodies of water

-banaba, gilbert islands,phoenix islands,line islands and pacific ocean .

Natural resources



good from April-October,North West winds stabilize a temperate of about 86 degrees .

From November-March Western gales bring rain and sometimes hurricanes. Most of these islands are located in the dry belt of the equatorial oceanic climate zone , and experience very long droughts.

Plants and Animals


history of Kiribati

inhabited by the Micronesians speaking the same oceanic language .invaders from tonga,samoa, fiji, later introduced Polynesian and Melanesian culture aspects. The islands were first spotted by British and American ships. Some of the islands were formerly used by the U.S. and the U.K. for nuclear weapons testing. Now the president Tong plans to evacuate all the citizens of Kiribati to fiji or else where .

People and Language

English is widely spoken. "ti" pronounced "ss". People share the natural resources they live off of. Ethnic group is mainly Micronesian.


Heavy air pollution, poaching , desertification, and soil erosion.