Beacon™ Newsletter

Oct 31, 2017

Content updates

Revisions have been made to all modules on the platform (i.e. shortening, honing the "voice"). All changes have been implemented in the platform and condition protocols, and updated versions can be accessed on the S: Drive.

For any questions regarding content, please contact Robyn at

Client Views Update

Clients have access to the same pages they originally had, just with some new names! Clients now view the following:

1. Messages

2. Journey (Previously "Treatment Plan")

3. Worksheets (Previously "Homework")

4. Information

150 Word Limit for messages

A reminder that the messaging system in BEACON has a 150 word limit per message. We will be adding messaging to the text entry form to remind everyone of that, but in the mean time, please be aware that messages exceeding this limit may not go through on both the Therapist and Client side.

Reminder: Client status updates

In the interest of helping us track usage and drop-off on the app, we strongly request that associates using Beacon for Blended Care continue to send updates to the help desk (

Updates may include:

1. Clients completing treatment

2. Clients no longer wishing to use the app (provision of reasoning is very helpful here)

3. Clients who were initially not suitable for the app and reasoning (i.e. clinically not suitable)

Beacon reminders and helpful hints:

Onboarding clients to Beacon

As you continue to conduct assessments in traditional care, it is helpful if you can remain mindful of whether someone qualifies for Beacon Blended treatment even if we originally thought they were not eligible. In the event that a diagnosis is appropriate for Beacon, please contact intake (cc'ing Robyn) and let them know that they can add the client to the system.

Gathering final outcomes:

Currently, session 12 is programmed as the final session and thus it contains all of the outcome measures for the client to complete. Please keep in mind that if you are adding sessions, or ending therapy with your client at an earlier session, that you ensure the client completes all outcome measures in whichever session is their last. The importance of this is due to the fact that we will be tracking client outcomes and thus we hope to measure their symptoms at baseline and the end of their treatment.

Updating weekly sessions:

It is important to adjust weekly session protocols as you progress with your clients. This means that if a client wishes to complete thought records every week, these will need to be added into each session online so that that the client has access to it. We hope to improve this feature by adding a type of “homework library” which will allow clients to access any worksheet they have previously been assigned.

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