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Dear Staff,

I can’t believe this is my last newsletter and week of school. It’s been an amazing three years working with a wonderful staff. From the beginning, my expectations for our school have been high and I know yours are as well. I've enjoyed the collaboration, being in the classrooms and on the playground with the students.

The vision and culture of this campus are engrained in all of us.

I wish all the best for each of you. I will miss everyone.


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  • Please make sure you vote for your choice of school logos. We are down to two and I would like to give Shari the decision by Wednesday.
  • Please email your lesson plans and newsletters to Jo and Vici for the upcoming week. They will also be your contacts for subs after Friday.
  • Testing will begin next week in the elementary grades.
  • Joan will be here next Monday.

AABL Test Administration Directions


This summary document for principals and teachers will assist in setting up AABL Test Administrations. The document DOES NOT take the place of the Directions for Administration (DFA) or AABL training session provided by our ERB Partners. It is critical teachers have all necessary resources on hand to insure a seamless assessment.


*As a teacher administering the test, you are called a Test Administrator. You are responsible for:

· Familiarity with the testing process

  • · Understanding Directions for Administration (DFA) manual

  • · Understanding printing and use of the Standardized Instructions

  • · Understanding, printing and use of the Observable Behavior Sheet

  • · Set-up of test sessions which you will do the morning of the test!
  • · Check-in of students prior to Test Events- which have already been scheduled!
  • · Confirmation of an iPad Air for every child
  • · Extra iPads available just in case…
  • · Headphones available for every child
  • · Administration rules for each test event
  • · Supervision of children during the test event

Watch the “what to expect” video at

The AABL Teacher Training webinar has been recorded and can be seen again at
Do not check a student in and select the READY TO BEGIN button until they are present and able to test

At least one observable behavior must be completed for each student during each test session

Test is untimed but will take between 35-55 minutes per session in general

You can set up the testing room by going through steps 1 to 13 below before the students enter

ERB/AABL MAGIC NUMBER: 800-446-0320 - This number will help you with any AABL specific administrative, portal or operational questions. When in doubt, let your principal know and call the magic number!

Before you begin, you acknowledge that you have read the AABL Directions for Administration (DFA) and understand it is imperative you adhere to the standardized administration procedures for each AABL session

CTP Test Administration Summary Directions for Teacher


This summary document for teachers will assist in setting up CTP Tutorials (practice) and CTP Test Administrations. The document DOES NOT take the place of the grade specific Directions for Administration (DFA) or CTP training session provided by our ERB Partners. It is critical teachers review all resources to insure a seamless assessment.

What Every Teacher Needs to Know

  • As a teacher administering the CTP, you are called a Test Administrator.
  • You have access to: Your username and password
  • Updating your user profile
  • · Creating and managing test sessions
  • Your Principal has supplied you with a user name and password for the CTP portal online and for the iPad (they are the same) and you should be logged on by now!The website to access the CTP portal is
  • Once on the website click the “CTP Portal Log in” button shown below. Once there, log in using your username and password.

  • Teachers can log onto a computer or their iPad to get on the CTP portal in order to create the test sessions

  • iPads need to be prepped using the directions provided to Principals and charged before the test session, including your teacher iPad

  • The guided access code is 0000 for prepping the iPads (unless told otherwise)
  • If your guided access is NOT enabled once in the app, triple click the home button and it will become enabled
  • Have an extra iPad or two set up just in case…
  • Students ARE NOT taking the auditory comprehension or science subtests!
  • Pencils and scratch paper should be passed out to all students each test session

  • Have a book ready for early finishers
  • Calculators are an option for grades 5 and above for Math Part 2
  • Students are already uploaded and in the portal
  • Student profiles have been completed for you
  • Your online testing packages are already ordered
  • Headsets are mandatory for grades 1 and 2 subtests (except reading comprehension)
  • Once the teacher creates the test session or tutorial, the student is only able to log into that test session or tutorial
  • Once Guided Access is turned on, you CAN NOT change the volume setting on the iPad.
  • There is no limit to the number of tutorials only that can be created
  • Protocol for naming a test session; NAME OF TEST, DATE, TEACHER, GRADE
  • A recorded version of the CTP webinar can be found on - Administrator/Teacher – 4.

CTP Operations “MAGIC NUMBER”: 866 683 2335 - This has been provided to your principals. It is the number to CTP Operations and will help you with any CTP specific administrative, portal or operational questions.


Setting up and taking the CTP Test Tutorials is mandatory

The Education Department highly recommends multiple practice sessions for the purpose of checking

the bandwidth and the CTP App access on the iPad. The tutorial sessions are a mandatory step in the

test prep process and mimic a testing scenario where the teacher logs onto the portal to create a “test

session”. The tutorial practice is about the process of testing – NOT the content. The directions are

as follows:

· Teacher will log onto the CTP Portal on the Internet using a computer or their iPad.

· Teacher will select TEST DELIVERY on the left navigation.

· Teacher will set up a TEST SESSION.

· Teacher will name the session using this protocol: NAME OF TEST, DATE, TEACHER, and GRADE.

· Teacher will use the pull down menu and choose TUTORIAL.

· Teacher will get a test session number from this process and write the number on the board.

· Students will open the CTP app on their iPad.

· Students will press the orange square TAKE A PROCTORED TEST

· Students will put in their student ID and last name when prompted (student ID’s should be handed out on 3X5 cards for easy access).

· Students will enter the test session number (teacher will write on the board).

· Students will follow teacher directions.

· Teacher will say and follow the directions in the DFA.

· Teacher will note that all test sessions (including the practice sessions) expire at the end of the day.

  • A shorter tutorial is included in each test session at the beginning of each subtest. Once the teacher sets up the test session for the specific subtest (content), they will have the option to go through the tutorial with their students. All teachers should take advantage of this option, which takes about 10 minutes and is included in the timing for each test on the actual testing day.
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Dates to Remember

April 13 - Elementary Staff Meeting - 7:15

April 19 & 20 AABL Testing- Kindergarten

April 20 - Preschool Staff Meeting

April 25 - May 9 CTP Testing - Grades 1-5

April 28 - Taste of the Arts

April 29 - No School - Spring Holiday

May 4 - Staff Meeting - 7:15

May 6 - Talent Show

May 11 & 12 - Spring Performances
May 19 - Kindergarten Graduation

Fifth Grade Fun Day

Quote of the Week!

" Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.Will Rogers